Paida on passengers with motion sickness


Mr. Xiao’s comment:

Two passengers with motion sickness (nausea, vomiting, dizziness or other discomforts while travelling on a bus, in a car, ship or plane) recovered soon after Paida. And one of them claimed the sickness to be inherited. One of the slappers was an 82-year-old lady.

In old age homes, people in their 70s, 80s and 90s can help each other with PaidaLajin to heal diseases and pains and stay healthy. This will be a new model in the senior health care industry. And PaidaLajin healthcare tourism will be a promising industry — people will travel to scenic resorts and play the PaidaLajin game, self healing hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, lower back pain, leg pain, headache, motion sickness, throwing away the walking stick or wheelchair…Isn’t it marvelous?

I Helping a traveler with motion sickness 

For someone who suffers motion sickness and wants to travel, it is a painful and contradictory choice. Medicine, vinegar, ginger paste and other folk therapies may work for a while, or maybe not at all. You know what, Paida is very effective in healing motion sickness.

On September 12, 2013, I travelled in a group to Jiuzhaigou (literally “Valley of Nine Fortified Villages”), a nature reserve located in the north of Sichuan province, China. While travelling to the airport on a coach, someone felt motion sickness. I immediately announced to everyone, “If you feel motion sickness, you can relieve it by slapping at the inner elbow and the Neiguan acupoint.” Most of the travelers did not believe it.

The second day, we visited Jiuzhaigou. The following day, after visiting Huanglong, another picturesque mountain, our fellow traveler Ms. Zhao felt intense motion sickness and requested that the guide buy her a ticket back home. As she needed to pay for the ticket herself, we advised her to stay three more days, wait until we’ve climbed Mt. Leshan and Mt. Emei, and go back home together with us. She took the advice. However, on the fourth morning, lured by fellow travelers, she again joined the travel.

On the coach from Chengdu East Railway Station to Dujiangyan City, I slapped the inner sides of both her arms. And we chatted. She told me that she had inherited motion sickness from her mom. She had felt the discomforts of travel since very little. “Paida can cure motion sickness, and it will not recur in the future,” I assured her. Well, in fact, I was not 100% sure, for using Paida to cure motion sickness was still “knowledge” in my brain. I had no previous experience, and she was my first “guinea pig”.
Hearing my words, she let me continue Paida in spite of the pain. I slapped her for about an hour. When we got off the coach to have lunch, the inner sides of her arms were all covered with dark Sha.

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” I asked.

She replied, “I didn’t feel much discomfort during this trip. Maybe it’s because your Paida hurt too hurt and all my attention was focused on the arms.”

I said, “We still have a long way to go. Feel it during the trip.”

In the following four days, we travelled from Dujiangyan to Mt. Leshan, then to the Golden Peak of Mt. Emei. The roads were bumping, and the ride was rough. I didn’t slap her any more, and yet she was very energetic. She was Okay all the way. She only vomited once when we were coming down the winding road from the Golden Peak. It was a 2-hour-plus bus ride, and the driver was driving so fast that even we felt nauseated.

This got over 20 people in the travel group interested in Paida. In the next few days, whenever we got on the coach, there were sounds of slapping. Most of us went back home with dark Sha on the skin. We also bought many Paida sticks in the online shop. Some joked that I was advertising for the shop.

I’m stretching in the hotel room during May Day Holiday, 2015

II An 82-year-old lady curing a passenger with motion sickness

A few days ago (toward the end of June, 2015), my 82-year-old mother told me, “Today I met a woman over 50 years old on a bus. The moment she got on the bus, she said she was feeling dizzy. I asked her to slap on her inner elbows. After several slaps, she could no longer go on, saying that she felt too dizzy. I asked her to turn around to me. Then I slapped her inner elbow. In a few minutes, dark Sha came out. She said the dizziness was gone. Before I got off the bus, I asked her to continue to slap the other elbow.”

Many thanks to Mr. Xiao, my 82-year-old mother has become a “healer”. If there were more media coverages of PaidaLajin capable of self healing acute and chronic disorders, more people and families will benefit, so will the entire nation. We, as beneficiaries of PaidaLajin, need to practice and share PaidaLajin, and not just wait for the media to take action.
Your student: Moonlight
July 1st, 2015
Original Chinese testimonial: 月光点点(2)晕车拍打记—窥见养老产业和养生旅游新模式
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