Paida relieved heatstroke in 3 minutes


Dear Mr. Xiao,

According to news reports, yesterday, a 61-year-old man fainted away at the gate of a hospital in Lantau Island, Hong Kong and died without timely rescue. So I think I should write down my own experience, and hopefully more people will learn PaidaLajin and reduce such unfortunate incidents.

I was sent from Hong Kong to work in mainland China ten years ago. In 2010, I was transferred to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. I have been fortunate to attend a 7-day PaidaLajin self-healing workshop in Shanghai during my annual leave in May-June, 2013. After the workshop, I went back to work and life as usual.

Over a month later, on a hot summer day in August, I worked and worked, and went to the canteen for lunch a bit later than usual. While I was having lunch, most of my colleagues had already finished their lunch and left. Not long afterwards, I heard some unusual sounds from the kitchen and a crowd had gathered there. I casually asked about it and learnt that someone working in the kitchen had fainted away, and was still unconscious after several minutes’ first aid.

I was instantly reminded of my experience at the workshop. I didn’t think much and asked a kitchen worker how to get in there. I rushed in and saw a slightly fat woman in her 40s lying on a kitchen table. Someone was pinching her Renzhong acupoint (first aid measure in Chinese medicine); another one was applying oil on her. I said, “Let me have a try.” Then I asked someone close by to help as well. We each lifted one of her arms and slapped at her inner elbows heavily. In less than a minute, much dark Sha surfaced at the slapped areas. Her hands moved, gesturing to us to stop the Paida. I felt relieved at this reaction — she was safe now. And I was secretly happy about it — Paida indeed works! I asked the other slapper to continue Paida, and move on to slap at the Neiguan acupoint near the wrist. Meanwhile, I explained in a loud voice to her, “Now we’re giving you first aid. Don’t be afraid.”

It took less than THREE minutes, and she fully regained consciousness. Then I asked someone to prepare some ginger and date soup for her, and asked her to change her clothes soaked in sweat. A 112 ambulance car had already arrived, and my colleagues at the HR division suggested that she go to hospital for a checkup. To that, I had no argument. About three hours later, an HR colleague told me that she was back to normal and back home for a rest. The hospital diagnosis was heatstroke.

From then on till now, every day I am given the biggest steamed buns and a full bowl of bean milk at breakfast.
Frank Wong
Original Chinese testimonial: 两种急救对比:拍打急救与医院急救
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