A second talk about non-medication self-healing of children illnesses

After releasing my personal WeChat account number on Master Xiao’s blog, within days nearly 200 people added me. Many of them are new mothers and pregnant women. All those people have very interesting questions about kids self-healing and I think it is necessary to write again in more details discussing self-healing without medication for children illnesses. But, first of all, I have to say that I’m not a teacher or medical doctor. I am just a mother who has a baby called Justine Drolet who is 9 months old. She is very well-nourished, bright, always smiley and until now she never got ill. Every time we go out with her, people ask how she could be so well raised and so calm. It seems very convincing. So, I’m just try to share my own way of raising a kid. Here again to share with people who may have interest in child-rearing.
We, as human beings, whatever kids or adults, have only two kinds of diseases: mental diseases and physical diseases. The mental ones include: stress , insomnia, grievances, stinginess, depression, …… And this long list could go on for more than dozens of pages. The physical ones cover: lower back pain, shoulder vertebra pain, hair loss, lung problem, hypertension, cancer,……even several hundred pages would not be enough to contain all the physical illnesses that affect people all over the world.
Do you remember the question: How many toilets are there in the world?
You are wise if your answer “two” (Gentlemen, Ladies). Not so much if you answer “wait, let me count”? :P!
What I really want to express here is that you must look at the issues by inductive method regarding human body problems!
So for human beings, there are only two kinds of diseases to heal: mental ones and physical ones. For children, it is the same thing.
Let’s ignore the metaphysical questions, such as if there is past lives or reincarnation. I believe, in general a newborn is like a sheet of pure white paper, beautiful in soul, perfect in mind. We may be classified to those without mental disease. But if your baby often cries for no reasons, the no reasons might be just because he is not yet well adapt to the new world( from the mother s womb to the earth is a huge change, isn’t it). To heal this small issue, my suggestion is parents should give him a lot more love and don’t feel stress, then let him listen more the classics (World classical Music, Buddhist music, Tao De Ching, The Analects, etc), peacefully allowing him to accept this new world. (In China, fetal education is very important, listen classics after the babe born is just a continuing education of fetal education)
In my own opinion, it’s easier to deal with the physical problems. Under normal circumstances, a new born at his birth has sufficient Yang energy( yang qi in Chinese medicine) , in another word, he often has very good immunity, so he rarely catch big illnesses. However if the parents are not careful enough, he may catch a cold, or some other reactions caused by fetus toxin, etc., so in general kids often have a few common diseases: cold, running nose, cough, nasal congestion, skin problems, constipation, indigestion of food retention, vomiting, loss of appetite, insomnia, …… and several commonly used solutions are outlined below( personal opinion):

in particular). To achieve immediate effect, you may also suck or have hot packs or use hair dryer to heat up the sopt, until you see Sha(痧) or the skin turns red and hot.

  1. Massage or slap Yongquan acupoint(涌泉穴).

  2. In order to get instant result, at the same time, you may have hot packs (or use hair dryer to heat) until the skin becomes red and hot.(It’s very effective to massage or slap Yongquan acupoint if some secretions are found in the eyes when getting up in the morning.)

  3. Massage or slap Zusanli( 足三里) acupoint,

  4. better with hot packs.
  5. Press or slap Tianheshui(天河水)

  6. (arm from Nei Guan内关穴 to inner side of elbow).

  7. For fever, plus all the method above , you can light slap the forehead plus.

  8. Massage or slap Wei Zhong acupoint委中 (back area of knee).

  9. If you are not a big believer of Paidalajin or you have still a lot of doubt and not willing to try, for baby’s cough or fever, you may dilute Oral Liquid of Agastache and feed your baby a bit, or apply a small amount on the navel with a cotton swab.( this Chinese medicine name in Chinese is : 藿香正气水(huo xiang zheng qi shui) Go together with slapping.

Why are those simple methods so effective? Is this a joke? No, it is not a joke, try it, and then you will know. I’m trying my best to explain more below in details:

  1. Dazhui( 大椎穴) is the point on the body, where wind-chill can easily enter. Getting a cold, heal starts from here by regulating this point, prevent further cold from entering. The sweating process will be greater with hot packs or hot air from a hair dryer. It has the same effective results as diaphoretic therapy for Taiyang diseases(太阳病)  mentioned in “On cold damage ”<伤寒论>作者:张仲景.

2.Zusanli (足三里)is an important acupoint which regulates intestinal and stomach problems in two directions.  As the Chinese old saying goes: “discomfort of stomach causes uneasy sleep”, insomnia, frequent urination at night are mainly caused by indigestion. (It may not mean discomfort of stomach, but poor function of digestion in stomach and intestines, unable to absorb sufficient milk or digest poorly in what absorbed, then baby gets hungry easily and frequently wakes up at night for food). To press this point relieve any intestinal and stomach problems. This point has strong function to enhance immunity and you may press it on your baby every day.
3.Yongquan(涌泉穴) is for improving kidney function, balancing Yang an Yin and enhancing immunity. To press this point is effective to many other problems, such as sore throat, cough, and insomnia.
4.Tianheshui(天河水) covers from Laogong(劳宫穴) to Quze(曲泽穴), at the place pericardial meridian runs, which is highly effective to infantile convulsion. About infantile diseases, ancient doctors summarized as “liver and sleep are contributive to diseases of children”. So slapping or pushing backward Tianheshui will help reduce intense heat of liver meridians and replenish blood of spleen meridians.
5.Weizhong(委中穴) is a major point that bladder meridian goes through. Slapping or push hard on this area is very effective to heal back and lower back pain of adults.
6.It is very important to have a hot air blower( do it with a hair dryer is the most easy way) or have hot packs until the skin becomes red and hot after slapping or massaging. The red and hot skin means Yang energy which restores the body has moved at this precise spot and self-restoration is beginning. (Some mothers said they received very little effect after their trial. It is often because the intensity they used is not enough so the intensity should be increased)
I used to bring some dried ginger and monkshood with me when I just began to learn Chinese medicine many years ago.  years later, I often bring with me just some moxa sticks and bottles of Oral Liquid of Agastache(藿香正气水), often sell in all kinds of Chinese medical shops. Then, after learning Paida Lajin, I now only need to bring my 2 hands and a hair-dryer for the hot air. I enjoy a lot about simplicity. I am fascinating to the simplest PaidaLajin. I haven’t been to a hospital over the past three years, except giving a birth to my baby, I have even taken very little Chinese medicine. Many health issues have been resolved with two hands and the hair-dryer. I also really believe that PaidaLajin is a great way of protecting the environment that surrounds us, why, because we almost did not consume anything!

If you still have doubt about PaidaLajin, still do not willing to try, I might give you a few other simple things which you can do just with a hair-dryer , consider to be magical or not, the point is : try it, then you will know.
Blow Dazhui(大椎) area with a hair-dryer until it becomes red and hot when you begin to sneeze and run at the nose after catching cold. Should get heal or get a lot better in less than 10 minutes.

  1. For lower abdominal pain (dysmenorrheal, intestinal and stomach problems),please take up your hair-dryer and blow the whole lower abdomen and groin area until the skin becomes red and hot.

  2. For dizziness, headache, tinnitus, rhinitis attack, etc., please massage Yifeng point(翳风穴) and blow the whole area behind ears until the skin becomes red and hot. (99% of the person I met often feel very painful in this spot when you press on it.)

If you find the above three effective after your having a try, you might start to question yourself: why it works, those things are too simple to believe! And maybe one day, you will join us with PaidaLajin sooner or later and start our journey of self-healing.
With best wishes
Star Liu
 (If you are interested in Chinese medicine, child rearing, PaidaLajin, classics reading, please contact : mjd111155@hotmail.com, I speak English and French.)

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