Food poisoning self healed with Paida

Mr. Xiao’s Comment:

The so-called food poisoning is a manifestation of meridian blockages. As long as you stay calm and do Paida, it will be cured. A Mi Du Du’s husband slapped on his Zusanli acupoint and the affected areas, and self healed numbness on lips, stiffness of the tongue and itchiness all over the body!
Dear Mr. Xiao,

In July 2011, I watched your PaidaLajin videos on the Internet, bought a Lajin bench and began practice immediately afterwards. I started with stretching 5min per leg (with 12 books underneath the lowered foot). After half a year’s persistent Lajin, I was able to stretch each leg for 20min, and slap the universal regions (elbows, knees, hands and feet) for half an hour each day. Now it’s been over four years. There have been great changes in me: I am slimmer. My facial colour is better. I look and feel younger. I didn’t feel altitude sickness when I travelled in Tibet. I was near-sighted for 30 years, after persistent Paida, I can see much better now. And my hair has grown dark and thick. Well, there have been too many changes in me to list them all here.

Today, I wanna share with you and readers this:

On August 7, 2015, my husband ate a peach before dinner. After dinner, he suddenly said, “I feel my lips numb and stiff, and my tongue stiff. I cannot speak clearly. And my whole body is unbearably itchy.” I was stunned, for I didn’t know what went wrong with the food. Then I calmed down and had an idea. There were some dry perilla leaves at home, which could help detoxify. I immediately prepared a large mug of perilla leaf water and asked my husband to drink it.

And my husband also kept slapping on his Zusanli acupoint along the Stomach Meridian. Soon, a very large purple lump of Sha appeared at the slapped area. About 15 minutes later, his tongue was no longer stiff, and he was able to speak clearly. The remaining symptom was his lips were still a bit numb and swelling. I asked him to slap on the swelling lips, for Mr. Xiao said, “Slap wherever you feel pain or itchiness, for that is where the problem lies.” After 10 minutes, the numb and swelling sensations on his lips also subsided. Finally, he slapped the itchy areas on his feet. The whole Paida process took him an hour. Later on, my husband found out that it was food poisoning —— the peach was not ripe.

We had never experienced such an incident before. And we felt it deeply at this first-ever “roller-coaster experience”.
Fortunately for us, we have been practicing PaidaLajin over the past four years. We know that PaidaLajin is the best self-healing method, so we didn’t panic in time of emergency. PaidaLajin enhances our innate self-healing power, and our health has improved with persistent practice.

Dear Mr. Xiao, we give you our profound thanks for sharing with all people, including us, the wonderful PaidaLajin self-healing method. “My Health, I Manage!” Indeed, now we are masters of our own health.
A Mi Du Du
August 8, 2015

Original Chinese testimonial: 嘴麻舌硬全身痒—食物过敏自愈记
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