Paida Neiguan acupoint healed acute hernia in 30 min



Dear Mr. Xiao,

I know that stimulating the Neiguan acupoint is effective in first aid. However, I am still amazed that acute hernia could be healed by slapping at it for 30 minutes.  

At over 5:00p.m. today, my father had an acute hernia. It grew like a small rubber ball that children play. The pain was excruciating and my father almost couldn’t stand it. I asked him to lie down on the bed. Then I tried moxibustion on him. I lighted two Moxa sticks, but was disappointed at the effect.

Then it came to me that stimulating the Neiguan acupoint is effective in first aid. I thought, “Let me just slap at it and see what happens next.” I began to slap heavily at the Neiguan acupoint on my father’s left arm. About 30 minutes later, the hernia lump disappeared, and there was no more pain. I found that much Sha had surfaced along his Heart and Lung Meridians, so I continued heavy Paida on his palm and fingers. A lot of Sha appeared along these Meridians. I moved on to slap at the Neiguan acupoint on his right arm, and his right palm and fingers. Again, much Sha came out along these Meridians. After Paida, my father felt fully recovered.

We experienced the magic of Paida once again. Thank you, Mr. Xiao, for sharing Paida with us all.
Chang Qing Teng in Chengdu, China
September 22, 2014

Original Chinese testimonial: 拍打内关急救治好疝气
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