Paida on a bus saved a fainted old lady in 2min


Mr. Xiao’s Comment:

In this testimonial, an old lady was on her way to hospital and fainted away on the bus. A fellow passenger gave her Paida and she came back in TWO minutes. Had she fallen down at a hospital gate, what would have been the hospital’s first aid?

Here, let me tell you a free, “secret” therapy that can potentially save lives: Whatever diseases a person has, slap (heavily) on the inner elbows and Neiguan acupoint in first aid. It works almost instantly!

A special reminder: Hypertensive patients invariably have heart disease. Taking anti-hypertensive drugs without unblocking blockages in the Heart and Pericardium Meridians is like climbing trees to catch fish.
Today is July 28, 2015. It’s a steamy hot summer day.

I got up early, washed and rushed downstairs to take the bus. My life repeats the same story every day.

The No. 203 bus from Shuangqiao to Dazu is notoriously overcrowded, particularly the first one at 7:00a.m. For an office worker like myself, going to work early is a must. Many retirees are also crowding this bus — some go to the county centre for a leisure walk, some to buy food, some to line up at the hospital. As a result, this bus is crowded every day. Today is no exception. I was actually pressed against the door.

When the bus was passing by the Haozikou Bus Station, I heard a sound “Dong”, and a yelling, “Stop! Someone has fainted.”
I hastily looked backward and saw an old lady on the ground. Her face looked pale.

The bus stopped. Someone suggested calling 120 (the ambulance number in China), someone was pinching her Renzhong acupoint, another shouted that her Hegu acupoint should be pinched (first aid measures in Chinese medicine).

I hesitated a bit and went over. There, I took her right hand and felt it was a little cold. Well, I could not afford another moment’s hesitation. I began to slap heavily at the Neiguan acupoint on her right arm. In about 1-2min, the old lady turned her head to me and said, “Thank you.” I was relieved, for I knew she was recovering. Someone nearby stood up and gave her a seat. Another one asked her, “Do you want us to dial 120 for you?” She shook her head.

The bus moved again.

I asked her, “Do you have hypertension?”

She replied, “Yes. I am going to hospital for a checkup today. I was standing there and then I felt dizzy. Then I fainted and fell down. Apart from dizziness, I also felt chest tightness, like something was blocking in my heart. Now I am still a bit dizzy, but the chest tightness is gone.” 

An old man next to us exclaimed, “Were it not for this young man, she might have passed away today.”

Hearing his words, I felt it hard to imagine the consequence had I not given her Paida.
Zhang Hu
July 28, 2015
Original Chinese testimonial: 公交惊魂记—两分钟急救成功
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