滑雪场/Winter Park Resort

I’m recounting my story in English.

My college classmate Hong invited us to go to Denver, Colorado to ski right before 2015. The day we arrived, the temperature was -20 ferinheight​. Thank goodness Hong and her husband picked us pick from the airport. I dared not to drive on icy and snowy roads. Hong, thank you for your hospitality!

This is our first ski trip. I signed my daughter up for junior class. My son and I were in adult class. We needed to do rental before going to class. Plano’s elevation​ is 675 feet. Winter Part Resort’s base elevation is 9000 feet. My daughter felt sick while we were in the middle of renting: vomiting, stomach pain, and headache. I paida her Zusanli, inner elbows, and neiguan. It was cold and people were in and out of the rental place so I did not take off any of her clothing. Rental took us a longer time and we were running late for class. I did it for about 15 minutes. She felt better. I walked with her to her class. I only realized that what she had was altitude sickness after I heard the coach talking about it in my class. I had a minor headache. The coach also told us to soak in the hot bath that night because most people would feel sore and pain all over the body after first day of skiing.

I remembered that Xi’an had lots of snow in winter when I was little. My friends and I would built a snow path together​. We would find a place with bit slop and started to make a narrow path by stepping all the snow down tightly. We would each take turns to slide on it until it became very smooth. I could only find a pair of shoes that had hard plastic on the bottom that would slide easily on the snow. Unfortunately, there was a big hole on the bottom of the right shoe at the ball area. I would have to dig out the small snow ball on the shoe after each few slides… Now with the ski boots on (very heavy) and stepping into the ski, I felt so different. My feet and legs would not go where I’d want them to.

About 11 am my daughter’s coach called and told me that she was not feeling well. I went to see her. She looked sad and uncomfortable. I took off her heavy clothing one arm/leg at a time to paida directly on her skin. I was still working on her zusanli​, inner elbows, and neiguan, plus waiguan because her spirit was low. Lots of white sha came out, and some purple and red dots. I spent about 1 hour paida this time. Then I covered her with my heave jacket and let her sleep for about 15 minutes. She was back to her class after lunch. I went to pick her up after the class was over. Her coach told me excitedly that she jumped from level one ski to level three! She was happy with such achievement and told me she loved skiing. She was never sick for the following two days. Her altitude sickness was gone with only 1 hour and 15 minutes of paida.


Zusanli (picture comes from the Internet)

Neiguan (picture comes from the Internet)

Waiguan (picture comes from the Internet)​

I discussed it with Hong later. We both agreed that even if she had taken medicine, it would not have healed her that fast.​ My daughter started ballot class when she was 4 and she has done it for 6-7 year. She is one of the few students in her class who can do both straddle and right split. She has done paida with me at home a couple of times and she knew it would work.


We had spent a very cold day outside taking ski class. The first thing I did after we got into our hotel room was to turn the fireplace on. Took off all the thick layers of clothing and started paida myself: head, elbows, neiguan, weizhong, ​and legs. I did not have the sore and the pain described by the coach the second day. I have benefited so much from continuous paidalajin, taichi, and lotus sitting in this ski trip that I want to ask every lucky person who is reading this: just do it!


Weizhong (picture comes from the Internet)

Since I took time to take care of my daughter, I was not able to follow up with my son’s class. I was dropped to another class. It was a miracle that I was in the same ski class with the formal principle of my son’s after school care from Plano! ​What a small world!

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美国 德州 祝东晓 Dongxiao (214-506-3487) Plano, TX​