Yesterday evening, my younger sister called and told me that her son was having a cold and fever again. The baby is 10 months old, and has been having colds and fever quite often lately. As I am always away from home, I can only instruct my sister on how to rub his spine and Dazhui acupoint (to alleviate the symptoms). Due to her disbelief and habitual thinking as a result of education, when it failed to work once, she went back to relying on drugs and injections. So it didn’t help much every time she tried back rubbing. This time, I was at home. After Lajin, I went over to my sister’s to see how it was. When I arrived there, I touched the baby’s forehead — indeed, he was having a fever.


                                         Dazhui acupoint

I took over the baby and gently patted his Dazhui acupoint. After about five minutes, his little palms were sweating all over. I touched his forehead again — the fever seemed to be less severe. My sister seemed to have less confidence, so I went on patting. I patted for about half an hour, and the fever was all gone. To our surprise, when I gently patted him, he was motionless, as if feeling very comfortable. My sister told me that when she patted him, the baby was not that obedient. In fact, this shows the importance of one’s state of mind in Paida. I was patting him attentively! And I firmly believed it would work. Once I had that thought, my hands would bear “Qi”; whereas my sister only used her strength to pat, and was still thinking of getting him drugs or injections while her hands were patting him. That is why the resulting effects are different. After finishing patting the baby, I then went back home.

Early next morning, I called my sister to ask about the baby’s condition. She told me that he had a slight fever again at four o’clock in the morning. My sister, having witnessed the effect of Paida, believed it would work. So she didn’t use any drugs, and only applied some olive oil onto the baby’s elbows (to avoid his skin being scraped). Then the baby sweated all over again, and before long, the fever was gone. And it hasn’t recurred until the next afternoon.

I had thought that only back rubbing suits children. This time, I’ve found that Paida is also effective and the key is attentiveness. Children, like adults, can be patted. We just need to be gentler. Apparently, the baby was quite enjoying it yesterday evening!

Just as Master Xiao rightly put it, “One can only learn things through action.” I hope parents around the world can take actions to relieve their children’s sufferings.

Huang Xiaohua

April 21, 2011

Mr. Hongchi Xiao’s Postscript:

I read this article in Los Angeles this morning. My friend’s grandson, an 18-month-old baby, was suffering from a fever, coughing and running nose. So I asked one of my disciples to pat his Dazhui acpoint. Indeed, the kid did not resist it, and was instead quite enjoying it for the first few minutes. Paida went on for about another half an hour. The baby, in low spirits before Paida, was all live and kicking now. And his coughing and runny nose is much better. He even had four little oranges in a row. An hour later, when we touched his forehead, the fever was already gone!

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