I’d like to share one story about healing a kid’s fever without spending any money.

On the morning of September 29th, my niece, who is six and a half years old, came down with a high fever. My sister tried all skills she knew to treat the girl: pasting a self-warm sticker at her Dazhui acupoint, putting an easy-use moxibustion box on her belly button, massaging her ears and back, and rubbing the bottoms of her feet. When my niece started Lajin, she immediately began sweating, and most of her fever went down. That night, my sister called me over to help. At the beginning, when I was patting my niece’s elbow, she said that it hurt, so I lessened my strength. But then she grew comfortable enough to use Paida on herself. We took turns Paida for twenty five minutes on both hands. As a result, her right hand was bright red, and Sha came out on her left. After drinking some ginger tea, she still had a slight fever, a scratchy throat, and constipation. I told my sister that she shouldn’t worry about these symptoms, because it takes time for a fever to cool down and for a patient to recover thoroughly.

On the morning of September 30th, the kid coughed up a little phlegm, and her voice was much better; however, at night when I came over again, she still had a slight fever and hadn’t defecated. Her father wanted her to see a doctor, but her mother didn’t agree with him, for this method of self-healing was much better than taking medicine or going to a hospital. As they argued, I just smiled. I hadn’t made my move which I learnt from Mr. Xiao yet. First, I patted the girl’s popliteal fossas (back of knees) for half an hour. Then, when I was massaging her back 7 times from up to down, she exclaimed that it was very painful. Half an hour later, she said she needed to go to the bathroom. My sister was happy, so was my niece who came close to me twice continuously to thank her aunt. Finally, my niece made a bowel movement and produced quite dry and larger amount of stool. Then the fever was gone, but there were still some phlegm in my niece’s airways. At that night, when my niece went to sleep, my sister put a self-warm sticker at her Feishu acupoint.

On the morning of October 1st, my niece coughed up some phlegm, and she was all better. With this accomplishment, I told my sister that she could become a self-healer even better than doctors. I can still remember what it was like before: every time my niece got a fever, my sister would get really nervous. She would take her daughter to a hospital at least three times, getting all kinds of western and traditional Chinese medicine, spending at least ¥100 each time, and the poor thing ended up with her daughter’s greenish-gray face and no cured disease. This time it was much better. Without spending any money or taking any medicine, my niece’s fever was cured. Isn’t it miraculous?

This proves how human body has the power of self-healing. As the yang-qi rises, yin-qi gets out of one’s body, and illness is cured naturally. Now we can manage our health thanks to Mr. Xiao’s Paida and Lajin methods. My dear friends, what are you still waiting for? Let’s practice Paida and Lajin together!

Anonymous, translated by Ginger Chen

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