Ms. Lee, 56, had 10 years of freelance experience, retired early due to her grave condition.

Her symptoms: Severe depression, insomnia (over 10 years), sleep talking and even screaming, stiff facial muscles, reduced thyroid functions, frozen shoulder, sciatica, constipation, etc.

Her self-healing experience:

First, the psychological problems leading to her condition were pinpointed. Aggressive work style and lack of tolerance were the root causes. She repented for not having taken good care of herself. Then she patted her head for about 300 times, and instantly felt refreshed and relieved from head to toe. After that, she patted her shoulders, elbows and knees. Much coldness and cold sweat were discharged from her palms and soles of the feet. Her socks got wet and her hands got purple as a result. Wherever it was patted, dark bumps and purplish Sha appeared. Toxins emerged almost instantly with the first few slaps. She was really scared at the appalling sight. After Paida, she did Lajin for three minutes each leg.

Effects of Paida and Lajin:

Previously, her hands could only reach the knees when bending from the waist, and now she could reach the ankles; in the past, she had to stop to ease lower back pain every three stairs she climbed, and now she could climb up over 20 stairs in the subway without feeling any back pain. An even greater surprise gift is that she slept from 8:30 p.m. till 8:00 this morning, whereas in the past she could not fall asleep at three in the morning.

She stopped Paida and Lajin because of the pain. Later, she found that no medication works as safely and efficiently as the self-healing methods in curing her diseases. Today, she told me that she would continue Paida and Lajin.

Jia Qiu, Munich, Germany

March, 2012

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