Comment by Mr. Hongchi Xiao:

When I read the following article, it made me laugh! They really kept all the benefits from spilling out!

There was an old couple who were going to sign up for our workshop, but when they learnt about the high price, they immediately turned and walked away. As they were reminded that the fee paid by their overseas children was not refundable, they set their minds on taking advantage of the situation and joined the workshop without any hesitation. They did their Paida harder than anyone else, otherwise their money would be wasted. Thus the efficacy was tremendous. All their problems — diabetes, hypertension, back and leg pain, and constipation — were swept away. This is the glamour of money. Fancy food and good wine have glamour too. Some people who just can’t resist this temptation though they know that over eating and drinking may cause a lot of diseases, would rather do Paida and Lajin, so that the diseases, such as gout, fatty liver, and high blood pressure etc., would be self healed. There are many ways to cure diseases, and as long as they can be healed, they would be truly happy!

Hello Mr. Xiao!

Before sharing my experience, I’d like to send you an interesting story about my daughter and Paida.


My 14-year-old daughter has a lot of strengths, like being smart and obedient, but she also can be a little miser and a greedy cat.

Since this spring, I have been quite weak, and I haven’t been making normal meals for my daughter for two months. I often send her to buy something to eat, or she cooks instant noodles and egg cakes at home. This results in my adolescent daughter frequently getting leg cramps. Every time she gets a cramp, I will gently pat where it hurts until the pain disappears and her blood flow becomes smooth again.

The night before last, her father suddenly came up with an idea. He made her steak for dinner, and also bought her favorite snacks. She enjoyed the meal very much because she hadn’t had any (homemade delicious) meat for a while. About two hours after the big meal, she went straight to bed. The summer was very hot, and as usual, she only wore her underclothes and went to sleep without covering her belly. I had told her many times that she could get a cold at night, but the stubborn little girl never listened to me. Yesterday morning, because of her indigestion, plus a cold into her stomach, she suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. She spent almost the whole day in the bathroom, while I didn’t have a minute of rest — washing her underclothes, fetching her tissue, and spending half of my day in the bathroom with her.

In this case, I offered her Paida, but she refused since it was painful. I had to buy Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui (an OTC, traditional Chinese medicine which could cure flu and heatstroke) and some lactobacilli tablets to treat her, but this time she seemed to be so sick that she vomited up all of the Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui, and the lactobacillus tablets didn’t work at all.

Last midnight, more symptoms developed, such as a fever and a sore throat, and there was no sign of improvement this morning. When it happened before, she used to have intravenous drips, but the idea of putting toxins into my daughter’s body and paying the doctor for it made me reluctant to follow that cliche. I thought for a while, and then figured it out. My daughter was a real miser, and I could bribe her into this. I went to her, and smiled, “Look. You’re really sick, and I have two options for you. First, we can pay a hospital to give you an IV drip, but we are not sure how many days it will take for you to get better. Second, if you let me use Paida on you, I will give you money. You can spend it on comics and books, and you will recover much more quickly. Which one would you prefer?”

Narrowing her eyes, she considered it. Then her eyes widened and lit up, “How much will you pay me?” she asked eagerly.

“I’ll give you ¥30.” I told her. Well, I might spend three hundred in a hospital.

he swallowed, and said in a forced tone, “Okay, Paida.” I really can read my little miser’s mind — she would prefer Paida if she can keep money. But of course, she’s a child of principle, and she would never allow anyone else to beat on her even for 10 million yuan!

“All right,” I said, “Let’s keep benefit from spilling out and start right away!”

I started gently, for I wouldn’t scare her off. First, I patted her Zusanli acupoint for 20 minutes. Seeing her stand it well, I used more strength. Her eyes closed, she made no sound. I dared to go on. Second, I slapped her Baihui acupoint 500 times, and afterwards she claimed that her head was much clearer. Next, I slapped the back of her hands. Five minutes later, she burped and said she felt sick, then she threw up several times; however, after a while, the symptom vanished, and she said that her throat was much less sore. She stayed calm as I kept slapping her hands until the red Sha came out.



                    Zusanli acupoint                       Baihui acupoint                           Dazhui acupoint   

Finally, I had to deal with her fever, and concentrated on slapping her back and Dazhui acupoint. I was much harder this time, and she started squirming around and being uncooperative. I said, “Let’s go to the hospital then.” She lifted her head and glared at me, “I got this far already, I’m not going to hospital, Mom. You can’t break your promise!”

A few moments later, she began to perspire, but it wasn’t enough. I made her some ginger and date soup, and after one bowl, she was sweating all over. In half an hour, she was sound asleep. When she woke up this afternoon, she was all better, and very spirited, but I only dared to feed her some millet porridge (as a good start before she can have normal meals).

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