Mastitis, ear eczema, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleeplessness are all caused by blockages of the meridians. Please forget the disease names, because disease names are very deceiving. By doing PaidaLajin in a “carpet bombing” way, all blockages of the meridians would be cleared, and diseases would also be cleared and self-healed  Not only that, but there would be beneficial side effects too: breasts would be fuller and milk-flow comes easier!

 This puerpera experienced 5 or 6 occurrences of mastitis during her nursing period. When she experienced mastitis again after 5 months of nursing, her friend told her Paida could relieve her from mastitis, she came to us willing to give it a try.

She complained of her tiredness, tinnitus, insomnia, frequent headache, restlessness. Frequent occurrences of mastitis led to her anxiety, feeling negative, and depressed.


At the 5th session of our Paida on her, her mastitis healed. She said she used to have tinnitus and poor hearing, but now there was much improvement in them. Paida therapy is really miraculous. Different diseases can be healed with the same method! Afterwards, I let lactation trainee Hong give her some extra Paida on the ears, during which some sticky fluids came out from the ears. I checked the ears after stopping Paida, and found them festering. I showed the puerpera the photos I took, and asked her if she knew the severity of her eczema. She said she knew she had eczema, but didn’t expect it to be so serious. 

She recalled, there were fluids in her ears since her fifth month of pregnancy, with itchiness and tinnitus, and she gradually loses her hearing ability. She went to the hospital for this, but since she was pregnant, the doctor hadn’t prescribed her any drugs or shots, but just some topical cream, which didn’t work. After childbirth, her tinnitus just got worse and worse, her ears got itchier and itchier, and there were always fluids in the ears. She went to the hospital again, the doctor again only gave her topical cream as nursing women could not be prescribed with medication. Her ear conditions never got cured. 

I observed all around her ears and found there was a serious blockage in her San Jiao meridians. I asked her to come to my workplace the next day for treating her ear eczema through Paida.

At her sixth session in our workplace, I began with 30 minutes of moxibustion around her ears, during moxibustion, much cold discharge emerged from around the ears. Then I slapped the San Jiao and gallbladder meridians around her ears, neck, Tinggong acupoint, and much Sha appeared at where I slapped. One hour after slapping, miracle happened; scabs began to appear over the areas where the discharge had emerged. After another hour of ongoing slapping, scars started to fall out and new flesh was growing on the ears.

Witnessing her own ears being self-healed, she could hardly believe it. Paida not only healed her mastitis, made her breasts fuller giving her smooth milk flow, but also healed her tinnitus, ear eczema, hearing loss, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

I think the quick recovery of her ear eczema must be related to the Paida healing of her mastitis. We slapped her cardiac meridians, spleen meridians, stomach meridians, kidney meridians, liver meridians, Sanjiao meridians and other local acupoints, reflex zones and corresponding zones of the breasts.  

Thank you very much, Master Xiao. All these inspirations were drawn from your book “Paida and Lajin Self-Healing”.

Throughout the process, I kept your words in mind, “forget the disease name, all diseases are caused by blockages in meridians”. With blocked meridians, human bodies are just like marshes filled with all kinds of wastes and toxins. I used the method of Paida to activate and mobilize the Yang Qi that we are all born with , let invigoration of Yang-Qi “shine” and cleanse these marshes. Many thanks!  Thank you again, Master Xiao! You make us do wonders!

Ms Yu and Zhou, Guangzhou

Dec 22, 2014

Proofread by Wendy
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