Paida and Lajin as treatment for gastric flu

Three days ago my seven years old grandson Oscar had gastric flu after taking too much hot snacks like Wasabi seaweeds. He had fever of 38.8C and nausea as well as abdominal pain. I quickly performed slapping (Paida) on the inside of his both wrists and also the back of his neck for about half an hour, and then twenty minutes on the inside of his armpits. Then I put him on the “Lajin” table for five minutes each leg. Suddenly he felt shivering cold, and his hands were icy cold. We quickly gave him some hot water after putting a blanket on him. Then he fell into sleep till next morning. His fever was down to normal, and he had no more stomach discomfort. In the evening he had regular meal with us. He recovered without any medicine, so different from before in which case he had to go to the doctor and take antibiotics or something. We appreciate the quick efficiency of Paida and Lajin, and you, Master Xiao.

This is not the end of our happiness

Yesterday our four year old grand daughter had running nose, some coughing and low fever of 37.8C. I performed same slapping (Paida) and Lajin as Oscar had, that is: slapping the back of her neck, the arm-pits and the inside of her wrists for totally half an hour; And then I put her on the Lajin table after putting an outer coat on her to prevent her catching cold. She had a lot of experience of Lajin since her grand papa has made one at home, and she often lies on the Lajin table, actually for playing or for fun. She would do it sometimes more than ten times a day. She even put the strap herself to fix the leg. She likes playing like this because she would not find any pain in doing so, even for more than five minutes. But this time she complained of pain after putting up her leg, and would not continue more than two minutes. We did not want to force her either, so we let her go as her hands were icy cold. Then she went to sleep. Her fever came down to normal afterwards. This morning she looks alright except with some running nose. I taught her to do “colliding her back against the wall”. I think she would be okay later.

Thank you Master Xiao.

Suzanne from Macao

January 1, 2013