Last Sunday’s major task in Seattle’s Workshop was to slap hands and feet. Master Xiao did the demo before we were paired up for the Paida. 15 minutes for each location on each person. Camille from NY volunteered to be my partner. We both are slim, yet have powerful hands. Led by Yezi and Kim, the groups started to Paida feet in a synchronized pace. It took about half of the time limit to see Sha surged on Camille’s foot, however, the biggest challenge for me to slap her was her very bony ankle bones, both inside and outside, they hurt my palm more than anything else. So I alternated with both hands and the slapper. I want to say it must be a funny scene that everyone was working on other people’s foot so attentively, that we all looked like cobblers trying to repair something. Anyway, the turnout was quite fruitful —- I transformed Camille’s bony feet into fully rounded, she in return, turned mine into a pair of “swine feet.”

On the second day, when I paired up with Rosie who was from Chicago, working on the stomach meridian area, I noticed that she was slapping my right leg with her two fingers. I intended to correct her, but she signaled me to wait for the results. So I sat back, watching her fingers snapping on my skin. Looked like they were dancing on the keyboard, powerful with a steady beat. I made some faces due to the pain, yet I was extremely happy to see the “Blueberry” Sha come out much more faster than I expected, and I was also excited to learn a new technique of Paida. What Rosie created is perfect for the bony body parts.

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