Meggie,a german lady, was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 at the age of four and took insulin injections for more than 50 years. She was told that she must take lifetime shots. Maggie had been in high tension and filled with despair in her life, due to endless checking, fear of waiting for test results and premature death like her brother and sister from diabetes complications. Since the introduction of self-healing methods to Germany, she has done Paida and Lajin under the supervision of Fei, and stopped all medication gradually and reduced 70% of insulin injection. She got overall improvement in her body, and soul. She used to be a patient, but now could help healing others ! Is it not wonderful? 


Age 59 years Type I diabetes for over 50 years,
various comorbidities of organs and muscles, emotional stress
Dear Fei,
I hereby would like to thank you sincerely for your loving support and the many positive experiences that I was allowed to witness through you and the Chinese self-healing method * * Lajin Paida in the last three years.

Much has changed – initially unexpected, but sustainable – improved.

For me personally, there are special stages of my life: The period of progressive disease from the age of 4 by 2012. And the time from 2012 to the Lajin Paida which brought my quality of life, health and spiritual strength, hope and self-confidence back. All these things have greatly improved and will continue to improve. I am firmly convinced!
I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 4 years old, a form of diabetes with reduced life expectancy and a lot  health problems.

I had to take insulin via syringe gifts. Testimony of the former doctor was that I must inject insulin my whole life, because my body cannot produce insulin due to my inoperable pancreatic.

Back then, I was initially too young to understand all this. And my parents had arranged everything as well as possible. I felt like a normal little kid at kindergarten age.
In addition,an “insulin sensitivity” attested with me, which meant especially in the early years of the disease, precise insulin administration was not possible. The insulin doses led to unwanted hypoglycaemia and fainting. It was necessary for immediate liquid glucose. Regular meshed blood sugar and urine tests were part of my life, which limited my personal freedom, choice of occupation and later restricted my entire daily routine greatly.
With time and better understanding about the disease, the fear of whether – depending on results – hospitalization after the control measurements were needed again. For a child at the age of five, that meant great emotional distress.
Later, new problems arose during sports. In school I swam competitively for many years despite doctor’s warning. Here, a constant supply of glucose by my teachers and classmates for hypoglycaemia was required. Many times they had “brought” me back from a faint without me realizing.    



My older sister fell ill at the age of 12 years with diabetes type I, she died with 32 years due to the consequences of the disease. Also caused by the damage of the dialysis treatment. My older brother became ill at age 14 also with diabetes type I. He died at age 38 after a long ordeal, by heart disease as a consequence of diabetes.

The early death of both sibblings through type I diabetes led to my constant fear of kidney disease and the need of dialysis. A dialysis is not necessary at the moment.

A Slight kidney damage already exists.

Other symptoms presented themselves as numbness in both feet.

My constant complaints included intestinal cramps, vomiting through the pain, diarrhea and constipation. I never had A normal digestive.
Stomach pains in stressful situations were frequent. When I decided to no longer take the medically prescribed pills because of side effects and lack of disease improvement, doctors said, then one could not help me.
In addition, I had shoulder and neck problems for many years. An operation on the left shoulder caused even worsening. After that I could no longer lift my left arm, for example, to take a cup out of the upper cupboard. The right shoulder was operated on for so-called deposits. Overall, shoulder surgeries led to a restriction of movement of the entire shoulder and neck region. I could no longer rotate with my neck, while driving i could hardly look backward over my shoulder, especially not without pain. For that I got 13 years of Physiotherapy which did not eliminate the pain, but at least could stop further deterioration.
This is a long past, I successfully started Lajin Paida in 2012!
I love it now and its fun again to back out of my driveway !!

How did that happen?
2012, I met Fei Schmitz and the Chinese self-healing method Paida Lajin in her studio of Dao by chance. Fei is the disciple of Master Hong Chi Xiao, promoter of this self-healing method worldwide with workshops and lectures.

As a reminder: Before I was through the decades of serious illness and already hopeless I could not imagine any improvement. According to doctors I was terminally ill, my body could not produce insulin even in my non-working-pancreas. I had expected, as my brothers and sisters to die prematurely. This constantly floated like a sword of Damocles above me.

That was my knowledge until early 2012. Before Lajin Paida.
By slapping and stretching the self-healing method finds and eliminates blockages in the meridians, as these are in accordance with the TCM, the cause of disease. So the self-healing of the body is activated.
Despite my despair, without great expectations, but still open to new ways, I started with the regular slapping and stretching the central parts of my body. I had nothing to lose, only to win.

I wanted to try to achieve an improvement of my limited mobility. Other improvements of my disease I could not imagine at that time.

The following medications I had previously taken: water tablets because the kidneys are not working properly. Kidney Protection tablets against the side effects. Cholesterol-lowering pills.

For over 10 years I had an insulin pump attached to my body which, if necessary, pumps 24 hours a day insulin into the body. Until 2012 100% insulin per day was needed.
It was very new for me to take my health into my own hands! Under the loving and patient guidance of Fei I practiced Lajin Paida intensively what has helped my health and mind.
At first I already felt an improvement in my mobility in the shoulder and neck area.By slapping the shoulders and stretching of the body on the Lajin Bank.The health improvements outlined in this report presented by the Lajin- Paida training in the last three years. I constantly visited the courses offered in the studio of the Dao, took part in several week, very intensive Lajin Paida part workshops with medition and Taiji Neigong  exercises .Besides I practice stretching and knocking almost 2 hours daily at home.



Meanwhile, I could stop taking almost all drugs because of the health improvement through the self-healing method: ​​water tablets, kidney protection tablets, cholesterol-lowering drug.

During the course hours and also during the workshops I was able to remove the insulin pump. Previously this would have been unthinkable!

The daily insulin requirement, delivered by the insulin pump to the body, has decreased from formerly lifetime 100% to 30%! Classical medicine thought unimaginable!


Meanwhile, I could stop taking almost all drugs because of the health improvement through the self-healing method: ​​water tablets, kidney protection tablets, cholesterol-lowering drug.

During the course hours and also during the workshops I was able to remove the insulin pump. Previously this would have been unthinkable!

The daily insulin requirement, delivered by the insulin pump to the body, has decreased from formerly lifetime 100% to 30%! Classical medicine thought unimaginable!


Since then I my condition has improved a lot.

For example, I can now easily jog meditatively for 30 min. Earlier this activity would have been impossible. Anyone who knows me says that one also sees a significant improvement on my face and the attitude. My skin is clearer, wrinkles became less. My vitality has increased noticeably. I have a lot more energy and stamina during physical and emotional stress.

I love it now – as already mentioned – fun to back out of my driveway.

I can bend over again without pain. My back feels good again.

Should I get pain again, I know how to eliminate it with stretching exercises!
By the way I was able to help others with this self-healing method already. I have helped my husband twice from unconsciousness after strong cardiovascular attacks. By slapping the so-called emergency point on the cutting edge, left wrist, I was able to stabilize him before the ambulance arrived.

And most importantly, my self-confidence has become much stronger due to the success of the self-healing method. I am more relaxed and am no longer afraid to be back sicker. On the contrary, I have reason to hope to continue healthy. My joy has grown.
A particularly beautiful experience was for me, as an expert for diabetics Training heard of my successes. She hugged me spontaneously. She was surprised that a Diabetes Type I patient like me is still alive after more than 50 years and that my health has improved a lot even by the self-healing method Lajin Paida.

I’ve learned to take a break in times of too much stress. Through the course I learned exercises and meditations.
Today I am no longer afraid that my kidneys are also damaged and I could  become a dialysis patient plus possible consequential damage.

And I have no fear of results of tests. I understand today that diabetes is not a disease in itself but a symptom of multiple organ stress, e.g. also of the heart. What can be improved with Lajin Paida.
If meridians are blocked, there will be diseases. By slapping and stretching I can anytime, anywhere eliminate health problems. I am my own healer thanks to the body’s self-healing powers, which are activated by the Lajin Paida!
My sincere thanks goes to Fei for her loving support and Master Hong Chi Xiao, the discoverer and promoter of self-healing method.
Sincerely Meggie
From the guide the self-healing method “Pai-Da and La-Jin” by Xiao Hong Chi
“Your health is in your hands”:
* Lajin: The stretching of the tendon
La: Stretching
Jin: ligaments, tendons
* Paida: Tapping the body
Pai: palpitations
Da Beat, palpitations
A traditional Chinese method that eliminates by tapping the skin along the meridians toxic wastes of the body. This promotes good health by restoring the proper flow of so-called Qi, the life energy in the meridians.






    很多症状的开始好转,对于我来说,是意想不到的, 但确实持续地在好转。

    我个人的生活,可以划分成两个特殊的阶段: 第一阶段是从4岁到56岁,是一段逐渐发展严重的病史。第二阶段是自2012年与拉筋拍打结缘后到现在,我的生活质量、身心健康、自信心和对生活有了极大的希望。而且我十分确信这些改善还将继续下去!



    早些年医生还无法配予合适剂量的胰岛素,所以我就要测试所谓的”胰岛素敏感性”。有时由于胰岛素剂量有误,就会出现低血糖,以致昏迷, 所以马上喝葡萄糖水是必须的。有规律并频繁地检查血糖,化验小便就是我那时的生活。


    后来在体育课上又出现了新问题。 上学的时候,我的游泳成绩很好,所以无视医生的警告,坚持游泳。我的老师和同学们随时都为我准备好葡萄糖水。有时侯他们把我从昏迷中”救活”以后,我竟不知道发生了什么。


    我的姐姐从12岁开始患有一型糖尿病。32岁时由于肾透析引发并发症去世。 糖尿病患者通常都会患有肾病或肾衰竭。 我哥哥14岁时同样被诊断为一型糖尿病患者,经受了漫长的折磨,38岁时死于糖尿病引发的心脏病。

    由于哥哥姐姐因一型糖尿病过早地离世,所以我一直害怕自己也会因为肾病必须透析。尽管那时还没到透析的程度,但肾脏已经有了损坏的显示。再 进一步发展,我的双脚有了麻木的感觉。另外,过去经常不舒服的症状有:肠痉挛导致呕吐、腹泻、 便秘等等。我的消化系统从来没有正常过。
    那时我经常因为紧张和压力导致胃疼。 当我由于药物的副作用,不再继续吃医生开给我的药物时,一位自然疗法师帮助了我。

    另外我患有多年的肩颈痛,左肩动了手术后问题更严重了,以致左胳膊都抬不起来,比如不能从厨房上面的柜子里拿一个杯子。右边的肩膀也被动了手术。总之,双肩的手术造成了整个肩颈部位活动的局限性。我的脖子一点儿不能转动,倒车的时候根本不能越过肩膀往后看。 因此我接受了长达十三年的治疗体操,虽然没能治愈我的病痛,但至少能保持住,没有继续发展严重。

    不过,以上都是很久以前的事情了。 因为我从2012年开始拉筋拍打,一切都改变了!现在我每次在前院儿倒车都非常开心!怎么回事呢?

    2012年我偶然结识了Fei Schmitz 女士(何绯),并在她的工作室学习了中国拉筋拍打自愈法。 Fei 是萧宏慈先生的学生。萧先生是这个自愈法的传承人和推广人,他在世界范围内举办演讲和体验营。


    而依照传统中医, 用拉筋拍打自愈法可以发现并打通被堵塞的经络,找到疾病的根源, 同时启动人体的自愈系统。

    尽管我对治愈自己的疾病没有希望, 也不指望会出现什么奇迹。但我对新事物很开放, 所以马上开始有规律地拉筋和拍打身体的主要部位。反正我也没有什么可损失的了,这么做只会有好处。 那时我仅仅是想改善自己身体的灵活性, 根本不会想象我的糖尿病会有什么改善。

          1. 由于肾功能不能正常工作,一直服用排水的药物。
          3. 还有降低胆固醇的药物。
          4. 十几年来,我一直都随身携带一个24小时根据体内胰岛素需要自动补充的胰岛素泵,直到2012年每天要求的剂量还是100%。
    对于我来说,自己负责掌握自己的健康是一个完全崭新的概念。 在绯热情和耐心的指导下,我非常深入强化地练习拉筋拍打。至今对我的身心都有了极好的帮助。
    刚开始拉筋拍打,我已经感觉到肩膀部位的灵活性有了改善。 在此我可以列举通过过去三年的拉筋拍打所取得的健康改进。 我一直参加每星期绯工作室开的自愈班,并参加周末和7天的强化拉筋拍打体验营,另外我自己在家坚持每天两小时的拉筋拍打。


    在这期间,我已经几乎停止了所有药物。由于拉筋拍打,我的身体有了很好的改善。就没有必要继续服用排水、健肾和降胆固醇的药物了。 在我参加自愈班课或体验营的时候, 我能够不必携带胰岛素泵, 这在过去是难以想象的! 而我随身携带的胰岛素泵,过去每天要求100%的注射剂量,也已经降低到30% !如果从主流医学的观点看,是不可思议的!

    自从我实践自愈法以来,我的精神状态有了非常好的改善。比如我现在可以毫无问题地进行30分钟的禅跑, 以前象这种体育运动是不可能的。凡是认识我的人,都说我的脸色和神态有了明显的改善。我的皮肤更清洁了,皱纹也少多了,我明显感觉精力充沛多了,身心承担压力的能力和耐力都增强了很多。正象前面说过的, 我现在在我家院子里倒车的时候特开心。 


    我现在又能够没有疼痛地弯腰,我的腰恢复健康了!万一腰疼了,我也知道如何用拉筋法缓解。另外,我已经能用自愈法救助他人, 我曾经两次把因心脏供血不足而昏迷不醒的丈夫抢救过来。就是在急救医生到来之前,拍打他左手腕上那个”急救穴位”,让我先生的状况安稳。


    最重要的是, 通过自愈的实践成果,更加增强了我的自信心,我变得从容了,再不会为得病而恐惧了。相反,生活的喜悦不断增长,我对继续健康充满希望。
    有一个特殊的经历对于我来说特别美好。一位糖尿病学校的专家,听说我有效的自愈成果,竟情不自禁地和我拥抱。 因为她吃惊地了解到,我身患一型糖尿病50多年,不仅活着,而且通过拉筋拍打自愈使我的健康有了很好的改善!

    通过在自愈班上学习拉筋拍打、太极内功和打坐, 我学会了在很紧张的情况下”放下”。 如今,我再也不为将来,我是否因肾功能衰竭而透析担忧和恐惧,并且再不害怕面对检查的指标。因为如今我懂了,糖尿病并非是一种病,而是一个症。其症之后,是以心脏为首的多种内脏问题的复合病,用拉筋拍打就能改善。因为当经络堵塞时,就会产生疾病。运用拉筋拍打的方法,我可以随时随地解决我的健康问题。 感恩拉筋拍打启动了我的自愈力,使我成为自己的医生!