The most serious case might be that we are treated at an ICU when we get sick. At the time the patient and family are probably most upset and helpless. However, Heaven has the virtue of cherishing life. The dangerous place is just the safest one. It depends on if you are lucky enough to get to know PaidaLajin. Let’s read how this heart disease patient says after 3-minute Paida at the ICU: Is it purely mental or what? My heart feels better now! It really works. Much more comfortable now. I have been given transfusion for half a day, but I didn’t feel as comfortable as now, as if I were shut in a car for half a day, then the window was open and fresh air came in…


Dear Master Xiao,

I attended two workshops held respectively in Shenzhen and Beijing in July. I had a lot of thoughts and reflections about this experience. Seeing participants’ grateful eyes and hearing their words of gratitude, I respect and admire you more. At the same time, I feel what a nothing I am.
My mother once asked me, “Who is the most helpful person in your life?” “Master Xiao,” I replied without a moment’s hesitation. It is you that led me to a new world and gave me a chance to love and care for other people more. Some people around me don’t understand why I am willing to do volunteer work. I feel very sorry I didn’t follow you at an earlier date. Believe me, I will try my best to be a qualified volunteer. I will also work hard to manage PaidaLajin online groups. Actually I have long taken PaidaLajin Team as my family and have already become a member of this big family.
Watching your video clips is my great pleasure. I am looking forward to attending your seminars. One month remains for the summer vacation. I hope to continue work with PaidaLajin Team, and make my share of effort to promote PaidaLajin.
May God bless you!
May happiness and health be with your mother!
Your student Ruihua
Dear Master Xiao,
I couldn’t wait to write you after visiting a patient in a hospital.
This afternoon I got a call from my younger sister, “Our uncle is hospitalized again. He was sent to an ICU yesterday evening.” A few years ago he had a seizure and was sent to hospital and treated in an ICU. He was then diagnosed with a heart disease. Back then, I found him very weak and listless. In the fall of 2011, I had a heart disease too, and I felt the same powerlessness. In order to recover faster, I kept looking for therapies. Luckily, I found PaidaLajin self-healing method very soon. When I felt significant improvement in my health, I immediately started to introduce it to my relatives, friends and people around me, hoping that it would benefit more interested people. I slapped my uncle once, he said he trusted PaidaLajin, but has never practiced it himself.
This time, when I saw my uncle, I said to him reproachfully, “I told you to Paida long time ago, but you didn’t listen to me. How good it is! Don’t you see the changes in me? From now on, you’d better practice Paida regularly.” There were several other patients in the ICU. Hearing my words, a male patient about 40 years old asked me, “What is the therapy you are talking about? Where should I slap?” What a good chance! I went over to him and explained in detail the Paida self-healing method. He had a heart attack at noon and was sent to the ICU. As soon as I ended my brief introduction, his wife began to slap him, giving out loud Paida sounds in the ICU. My mother whispered to me, “The doctors won’t be happy seeing this.” “Healing is the top priority. I don’t care that much. We could stop if the doctor on duty arrives,” I told my mother.
The familiar Paida sounds reminded me of the regular rhythm at PaidaLajin self-healing workshop. They are sounds of self-healing, reflecting people’s faith in pursuit of good health. Much black Sha (poisoned blood) came out of the patient’s inner elbow and his wife was still slapping. In less than two minutes, he said, “My heart feels better now. Is it purely mental or what?” In less than five minutes, he felt significant improvement, “This method really works. I’m feeling much better now. I have been given transfusion for half a day, but I didn’t feel as comfortable as now.” He turned to my uncle, “You have such a good relative, but you didn’t do as well as you should. You shouldn’t be hospitalized here at all!” Having witnessed the effect on the man, my uncle asked me to slap his elbows. Now Paida sounds were coming from both beds. In a very short time, black lumps came out of my uncle’s inner elbows. The other patient then expressed his new feelings, “Now I can breathe normally, as if I were shut in a car for half a day, then a window was open and fresh air came in.” It is true. It is the same feeling described by several workshop participants as “opening a skylight”.
My brother and sister-in-law came to visit my uncle while I was slapping. “Please stop! The skin has been slapped black,” shouted my brother who was dismissive of PaidaLajin. Why stop? I wouldn’t listen to him. I argued with him, “I don’t accept your so-called orthodox medicine. What is orthodox? The Taoist method (Paida) has lasted several thousand years. This is genuinely orthodox. More and more people have self-healed through PaidaLajin. No medicine, no injection needed. It is an effective therapy!” The other patient also said, “Paida is really good. It works. I felt unwell for quite a few days, but I’m really feeling great after being slapped this evening.” Hearing these words, my brother fell silent. And my sister-in-law was less skeptic about PaidaLajin. I knew they were changing their minds. This was exactly what I had been expecting.
The man wrote down my phone number and thanked me for sharing the wonderful Paida method with him. Lao Tse once said, “The wise man is told about the Tao and follows it. The average man is told about the Tao and searches for it. The foolish man is told about the Tao and laughs at it. If it were not for laughter, there would be no Tao.” Indeed, a good method takes effect only when people believe and practice it!
Upon my leaving the ICU, my sister-in-law asked me how to Paida, and how to slim down the belly. She constantly slapped her Baliao acupoint at the upper middle part of the buttocks. The Paida sounds made me recall a few lines I wrote some time ago:
We walk on the road,
In the spring sunshine.
How cheerful the song of Paida is,
Giving us confidence and blessing.
Your student Zhao Ruihua
August 2, 2015