July 26, 2015 Dallas-Seattle-Beijing

A 16-year-old young lady passed out on Alaska’s AS0655 flight from Dallas to Seattle. She was seated right in front of me. I heard her mother asking for help from a flight attendant. I volunteered! The flight attendant asked if I was a nurse. I said no, but I was CPR/First Aid trained. It was right after I bought breakfast and the little table in front of me was full of foods and drinks. I managed to clear up the table and got out of my seat (I sat in the middle seat). However, the flight attendant called for help from the intercom system on the flight. She would not let me help the young lady, whose face was white as a sheet of paper. While the flight attendant was waiting for the doctor, she put an ice-bag on the young lady’s dazhui (back of the neck). Typical Americans! Ice is used for any emergency situation. Ice should not have been used in this case because the coldness would block the meridian and the blood flow. If it were my own daughter, I would definitely refuse the ice. A chubby male doctor and a female nurse came to the rescue. They both asked the mother a lot of questions. The doctor also asked for a sphygmomanometer and the flight attendant went to get it. It was a little hard for the doctor to kneel down on the aisle to put the rap on the girl’s arm. He tried to measure but could not get a reading because the engine of the flight was too loud for him to catch the heart beat. I seized the opportunity and asked the mother again if I could help her daughter by paida. She agreed. By this time, the young lady had already awakened from the pass out. I still took her left arm and started slapping her neiguan. I only did it for about over 10 times and she started to pull her arm away and said that it was enough. I saw that her face became red and blood came to her lips as well. I stopped.


My daughter felt a little headache and nausea right before the plane was landing. I took her left arm to start slapping her neiguan and elbow. The passenger on the same roll across the aisle asked me what I was doing. I explained how paida could self-heal. I encouraged the young lady and her mother to keep on paida before we got off the plane. 


July 27-31 A week in Beijing

I taught 4 friends and classmates how to paidalajin. I carry one paida tool with me whenever I’m traveling. I gave it to a friend as a gift. She used it at home and felt much better. She also wanted to teach her parents paidalajin. I met with several classmates. One night at the dinner table I showed my classmates how to paidalajin in a restaurant at Xidan. For those who accepted paida, I did it for each of them on their left arm. Sha came out of each arm I slapped. One friend came to our hotel to drive us to the railway station. I only talked to him how to paidalajin in the car. He asked a couple of questions and did it at home. He later told me that his knees were much better and the pain were gone after several sessions of paida. 


August 1, Xi’an

My father is a prostate cancer survivor. He had surgery 17 years ago. He’s been cancer free but there is still a hole on his belly,through which to collect urine. He had another surgery early in 2014. He could go on his own after that but the hole on his belly would not close and heal. I called from the United States before leaving for Xi’an, trying to persuade my father to let me help him close up the whole. He would not want to do it because he was so afraid that he would not be able to flow urine from the hole to the bag. I tried to reason with my father. He simply would not let me help him! However, he wanted to know how to make urine go easier. I told him to paida yongquan. I used the paida tool to slap his left foot for about 15 minutes. He farted, long and smelly. He felt the urge to go and it went smoothly. I slapped his right foot for about 5 minutes, he went again and again, a total of 3 times.


That night my daughter played with parents’ cat. She then use her hand to itch her right eye. The eye started to swell and I could see the redness in her eyeball and eyelids. She was in pain. Allergy! My parents asked if we should go to the hospital. I said no. Paida would heal. I curled up my fingers and used the boney parts to hit my daughter’s eyebrows bone. I also used fingertips to softly patting her eyeball. My mother kept supplying warm towels to put on the eye. Eye’s inner organ is liver. So I slapped my daughter’s inner sides of her knees, where the liver meridian is. Since liver is closely related to gallbladder, I also started to slap the outer side of her right knee, where the gallbladder meridian goes. She started to feel tired and sleepy before I had a chance to work on the outside of her left knee. The swelling went down. The redness and the pain disappeared. It took us a total of about 1 hour. Since I had to take care of my daughter, my father slapped yongquan on his own. His strength was much less than what I had done to him.


 August 2, Xi’an-Chengdu

There was only  a little bit swelling on my daughter’s eyelid in the morning. She could not even feel the swell. All was good! We flew to Chengdu in the afternoon. I talked to a friend about paidalajin.



August 3 The non-stop traveling, the jet lag, and the heat of the summer got me sore throat. Mr. Xiao acupunctured his Yuji to self-heal his sore throat. I read this from his biography book Yi Xing Tian Xia. Since I have given my paida tool away, I curled up my fingers again and use the bony parts to hit yuji on both of my hands. The sore throat was gone in the morning of August 4.


August 6 We climbed Qincheng mountain. Our shoes were totally wet with the water on a narrow pass. Thank goodness I had a pair of spare socks for both of us. Still the cold and the damp from the water got into me. My throat was sore again that night. I had no choice but hit yuji again long and hard. 


August 7, Chengdu-Xi’an

90% of my sore throat was gone in the morning. We flew back to Xi’an in the afternoon. I continued to hit yuji that night. The sore throat was gone by the 8th.



August 8

My middle school classmates invited us for a day trip to Zhuque Forest Park. I did not do my homework and had no idea that we’d be high in a mountain. It was really cold up there. Both my daughter and me wore our summer clothes. I had two silk scarves in my bag in case the flights get too cold. I made one scarf into a “dress” for my daughter and the other a “skirt” for myself. The mountain was about 3000 meter high. We took gondola up to the mountain. On our way home, we found a restaurant halfway down on the mountain. My daughter got excited and run vigorously with XingXing, my classmate’s dog. I told her not to run so fast. She protested that she did the same with Snowy, her classmate’s dog back home in America. She started to have headache and felt sick to her stomach just when we sat down and the meal was brought to the table. She’s got altitude sickness again. I took her to my classmate’s car, let her lie down on the back seats and slapped her neiguan and zusanli for about 15 minutes. She fell into sleep after slapping for about 15 minutes. She woke up alright. I taught two classmates how to paidalajin. I slapped weizhong of my class leader while we were waiting for the foods. I also used the stools there to show them how to lajin.


August 10

I started slapping my father’s left inner ankle in the morning and went all the way up with the meridians of kidney, liver, and spleen, for about 2 hours. He traveled to the bathroom 4 times. He could go urinate on his own easily. Every time when he told me that he felt the pain, he would feel the urge to go. I also slapped my mother’s heart, pericardium, and lung meridians.


 August 11

My mother went to a banquet with two arms full of sha. Her friends asked her what happened to her. She spread paidalajin to everyone who asked. She give a copy of Mr. Xiao’s “Paidalajin self-healing” to her best friend there. I was home slapping my father’s legs from ankles to knees. His kidney and liver meridians were so blocked that lots of white


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