April 23,2015

Dear Master Hongchi Xiao,

It is my honour to explain to you my recovery in Eye Vision by using Paida Lajin Self Healing Management. My vision loss in right eye was diagnosed as due to Optic Nerve blockage while I stayed in HongKong. The cause could not be asserted as I had no head injury, no tumour in brain, no swelling of the Pituitary gland.


The Neurologist in HK recommended blood thinning medication to enable thin blood reach the retina.This medicine causes delayed blood clotting time. I had a small cut on the finger and blood would not stop for a very long time. I returned to India and underwent several treatments and diagnostics for 12 years without results.


Paida Lajin changed everything for me since September 2012. I learnt to do Energy Irrigation of the body with activation of Meridians in the body and saw a great revolution in my physical appearance. But I needed more to understand the Medical science behind my vision problem, so I studied Medical Manuals written by 200 specialist researcher doctors on many diseases.

In my search I found that Cranial Nerve no. 2 is associated with Optic Nerve. Now the question was how to bridge the knowledge gap between PaidaLajin and Medical science. I discovered that Ren Meridian has a direct link to Cranial Nerve. Having understood the passage of the Ren Meridian I gave more emphasis to OUT STRETCHING Posture in Lajin ( Lying posture on the Lajin bench with head hanging out) so that the Energy Irrigation occurs to the Cranial Nerve. I had hit the jackpot, my vision began to restore in a very short time.

Note of caution : Out Stretching Posture elevates the blood pressure more than Standard Reclining Posture. I use Paida on the inner side of the elbow to bring down the BP immediately, to avoid emergency situation.

In addition to Lajin I did Paida on Eyes and take Ultra Violet sun rays on the eyes.

I started seeing blurred through my regular spectacles which scared me for a while but soon I realized that I could see better without glasses and I have almost stopped using glasses except for reading. Timing for doing this procedure depends upon individual endurance level. I recovered just in about 2 months, starting at a very low key level in Out Stretching Posture of Lajin.

I am glad that you have brought the Paida Lajin to the world and I am one of the beneficiaries. I remain indebted to you. Recently I taught Paida Lajin to about 700 people in Ahmadabad, Gujarat and answered to everyone’s medical queries. They all have written very highly about Paida Lajin Therapy. I am waiting for the computerized copy of their remarks from Gujarat. One of the attendees is making permanently fixed 20~25 Lajin Benches in a public park for the benefit of people.

I am truly happy for my little contribution to the health of the people. Our Indian Prime Minister has begun Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan ( Clean India Movement ) and I have started Swaccha Sharir Abhiyan ( Clean Body Movement (Internally)).

 With Best regards.

 Parag Samel


Wed, Apr 29, 2015

Dear Victor,

I am glad to know that you have chosen the Paida Lajin path for your recovery from eye impairment.

I have my way of dealing with every disease and that is to make the person understand his / her disease, it’s implications, medical approach to deal with it; the whys and hows.


 It is a name given to the eye pressure built up due to blockage of eye fluid drainage ducts. This is treated by ophthalmologist by using Laser beam which targets the blocked areas of these ducts to warm up and open up. But if the contraction of the ducts is beyond the operational parameters of using Laser treatment; the protocol of doctors do not allow them to execute the procedure. It is due to the change in the fluid condition too. This inaction on the part of doctors is to self protect against illegality of their practice.

Now you have understood the “Why” of the Glaucoma.

You have also understood the purpose of Laser treatment is to warm up the blocked ducts. But if the contraction of the ducts and change in quality of fluid is beyond the human intervention, the Self Healing Power need to be invoked.

The “How” part of invoking Self Healing Power is by using “Paida and Lajin Self Healing Management”.

I have already written to you about using:
1. Paida  on head and eyes.
2. Lajin – Outstretching posture.
3. Taking morning ultra violet rays of sunshine on the eyes, either closed or open, for about 10 ~ 15 minutes.

Please write to me about your development and more counseling.

I wish you all the best and look forward to you seeing me, literally with your own eyes.


I have not visited only two countries in the world, New Zealand and Norway.

Parag S.
India Paida Lajin.
(Mob) +91 90040 28818



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