Tan Mei Hoa Bernadette. Stay at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Age : 52 tahun.         10-11-2015



I, Tan Mei Hoa, want to share my experience with Paida Lajin.
Since my childhood, I have excessive sweating, during   writing class at the elementary school, my books became wet. I have to bring clothes for changes at school, sometimes twice a day. For one year I visited TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor without any improvement at all. This continued until now, before knowing Paida Lajin.
Due to the frequent shower,  4 to 6 times a day, my skin becomes red irritation, so I went to a dermatologist who is still our relative, so he knows my condition.  The Doctor asked me, how many showers with soap I took each day. When I answered 4 or 6 times, he suggested that I took a shower without soap. Whenever I cooked in the morning, definitely wet clothes like pouring water, I took a shower and change clothes, then after sweeping the floor, same thing happened, I took a shower and changed clothes again.   If I went to the market, back home definitely my clothes got wet like pouring water, my face sweat a lot, always carried a small towel to wipe my face.
There was a “Paida Lajin” seminar at “Yakobus” school’s hall on Friday, 6 November 2015 at 17:00, and I was invited by Lina, a friend whose house is located 3 houses from my house.
There I met Mr. Hanafi, He slapped me at my inner elbow until blue spot came out and I feel painful. Back home at night I continued slap my inner arm until blue spot appear. I asked many question to Mr. Hanafi, so I understand more about Paida.
I did Paida 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour during the day, 1 hour in the afternoon and 2 to 3 hours in the evening. Plenty of blue spot came out at my right and left inner arms and both my hands are aching. When I slap my head, I ask Mr. Hanafi should the blue spot appear or not and the answer is not necessary.
I had been doing Paida for 2 days and I was not aware, after I cook, straight away doing sweeping the floor without shower or change my clothes. After the break I just remembered, why I did not change my clothes huh? Usually have to change clothes twice after cooking and sweeping, why I do not have to? Clothes still wet with sweat but not like pouring water. What did I do?  How can sweat secretion is reduced a lot? Then I remember that I do Paida “at” the head, left hand and right parts zealously.
That is my sharing, hope it can be an inspiration, If you want to recover faster,do Paida diligently, if you want to recover longer, do Paida rarely, if you do not want to recover,  do not do Paida at all, I  remember Mr. Hanafi’s words. It is true, Paida and Lajin is a “MIRACLE”.
I did only Paida and not yet Lajin. Today a carpenter will come to my house to change one of my table to become a Lajin Bench/Magic Table.
Thank you to Mr. Hanafi’s guidance to my questions with immediate answer without delay, So I understand more about Paida.
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