I learnt how to do one-minute strong kidney in Spring 2014 and exercised it often at home. My legs would tremble and I had no idea why. My legs would also tremble when I perform ‘Y’ stretching. I thought that I was not strong enough to stay still so I used my hands to stop the trembling.

Y Stretching


I read Ruihua Zhao’s article about how her body, heart and legs were vibrating with the same frequency towards the end of 2014 on Mr. Xiao’s blog. That was really exciting. I tried stretching with one leg for 60 minutes on an off-work day. The vibration that described in her article did not happen to me. I was a little disappointed. Now I know I did not need to feel that way because everybody’s level of awareness was different. It was simply not my time yet.


My vibration came on May 12th, 2015. My weibo that day:

“For the very first time my body vibrated after Y stretching just now. It started from left leg and became stronger and stronger. Then the right leg started to vibrate. It lasted a few minutes. I stretched each leg for 20 minutes with 20 pounds sand bag on the leg down and 7 pounds on the foot up. The vibration was fantastic! Thank God, thank you Mr. Xiao. A mi tou fo! “


I had several vibrations lying down after either Y stretching or one-minute strong kidney since then. It lasted from several minutes to more than 20 minutes. There had been a few short pauses when I first became aware of the vibrations. As long as I stayed still, the vibration would continue.


I was standing on the stretching board at work one day. I felt a little tired on the right leg. I lifted the right foot up and rested it on the corner of the lajin board. Almost immediately the right leg started to vibrate with wide amplitude. I got off the board to stop the vibration. My colleagues would have felt frightened had they seen me vibrating like crazy.

抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap

Stretching board


I was on the stretching bench for about 10 minutes one morning. The left leg hanging down felt tied. Just right after I lifted the left heel, my left leg started to vibrate. The power of the vibration startled me. There was 20 pounds sand bag on the left leg and 7 pounds on the right foot. The vibration lifted the bench up with me on it and hit the wood floor hard. Everybody was still sleeping in the house. I got off the bench to stop the noise.

抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap

Stretching bench


I used my hands to grasp the big toes of my feet to do Y stretching lying on the wood bed in August 2015 while visiting Xi’an one morning. The vibration started soon after Y stretching.


I felt very happy, both body and mind, after each vibration. I would lie down there with calm heart, happiness, peace, warmth, and the sensation of tingling electric energy flowing through all over my body. I can’t find words to describe the magnificent feelings. I felt like lie down there forever and melt into the power that brought me to the state of being. “Thank you God” came to my mouth each time before I got up and went about my day.


This is what I have learned from my vibrations: health and happiness are the choices of the mind. As long as the mind is calm, there is nothing that can get you. Health and happiness are found within each one of us at any given moment. 


My vibration went up a level over the Labor Day long weekend in 2015 when I least expected.


My short message to Mr. Xiao on Sept. 4th

“I’m off work today. I stood on the stretching board and read for about 20 minutes. I felt pain on the bottom of my foot. I went into the bathroom to cut off the dead skin with left leg standing and the right foot on the counter. The left leg felt tired so I lifted up the left heel. My left leg started to vibrate in just a few seconds. I stopped everything that I was doing and quickly moved to the middle of the bathroom, relaxed my body. The vibration went to both legs, arms, hands, feet, and eventually the whole body. I knew there was outside force (God) helping me because I did not have that much power in me at the time. I automatedly used the back of my hands to slap my legs on top of my shorts. I did not feel much pain. The whole process lasted about 20 minutes? I felt hot and my shirt was wet with sweat. I noticed that there was a big sha on my right leg and smaller one on my left leg. It might have been God who gave me the idea of using the back of my hands to slap? You are the only one who will understand what I’m talking about.”


抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap

Actually I had no idea what was happening to me that morning when the vibration started. I have just finished reading Conversations with God. I would like to thank Xiaowei Zhu for recommending the books to me. I finished book 3 before I went to Xi’an and continued to book 1 & 2 after I returned to America. I can’t tell how much the set of books are going to change my life yet. I do know it is going to be huge! Anyway, I remembered such thoughts flashed through my brain: “Will there be any risk vibrating standing up? …… No fear, God won’t let me fall down…… Oh God, this is fun. Let’s have some fun together.”


My short message to Mr. Xiao on September 6:

“I got off the stretching bench after 20 minutes on it this morning. The vibration started from my right leg while I was waiting for the tingling to go away. I automatically slapped my shoulders and neck where I could not reach with my arms and hands normally. The “force” also let me swing my arms to slap my back and rib cage. The slapping was very powerful and it lasted for a few minutes. The vibration lasted 30 minutes. There was a watch beside the lajin bench so I could tell time.”


Mr. Xiao’s reply (Audio to text by me)

“Dongxiao, yours is typical spontaneous power. There was a person in Guangzhou who was just like you earlier when my book (Journey to Cure?) was first published. Her hands would automatically message or slap the uncomfortable parts of her body such as ears while she was going through stretching. It is just part of self-healing. You can write about these two cases or more of your experiences later and share with us. Your body automatically put you to slap after stretching. This is the wonder of self-healing.”


So spontaneous power it is! So it was true that a Qigong master could draw out handrends people’s healing reactions such as cry, laugh, jump, run, slap, and turn while practicing qigong together. I heard so many such stories in the 1980’s in China and was not sure if I should believe them. Hehe, I became a person with “Special Power” when I did not even expect it. 抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap


I felt self-assured after Mr. Xiao’s guidance. I made conscious notes to share.


September 7

The vibration started from left foot after I finished stretching on both legs. Again the back of my hands were used to slap inner sides of my thighs. My arms swung. A few minutes of slapping with spontaneous power is more than half an hour’s slapping without the power. My feet hit the floor so fast that I had to kick off the slippers. My hands were moving in circles at the same time when the feet were hitting the floor: right hand clockwise and left hand counter clockwise, with the speed as fast as light! Anybody who would have seen me at that moment would had said: “She is crazy!” Hehehe, now I understand why people would not like to be interrupted while in the middle of a power session.

抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap

The week of September 8th, I felt tired and exhausted. Qi chong bing zao (healing reaction) ! I should not execute spontaneous power often because I am still in the process of becoming stronger. I stopped lajin for a week. My mind told my body that spontaneous power was not needed after stretching. It stopped after I resumed stretching.


I sat down with legs as V shape on the floor on September 12 while having our regular Plano’s PaidaLajin meeting. My legs started to vibrate in just a few seconds while I was talking to the group. I put my hands on the legs to stop it. I also tried to use the back of my hands to slap a friend. The strength was much less without spontaneous power. 


September 19

My body started to vibrate after one-minute strong kidney. The pelvis hit the floor heavily for a few minutes. I stood up afterwards and the vibration continued. The back of my hands were used to slap thighs, groins, abdomen for another few minutes. Arms swung and then changed into drawing circles just like September 7th. Then my palms were used to slap shoulders, breast, and abdomen. Feet jumped up while palms slapped the outsides of thighs at the same time. Fast run on the same spot…… and movements that I could not describe with language. The most interesting part is that I have no idea where my hands, either back or the palm, would slap which parts of my body during vibration. Furthermore, the auto-slap got to the parts that I do not often work on or that I could not reach easily. It all occurred naturally. I was very happy to be surprised again and again! 


Human beings are consisted of three parts: body, mind, and soul. Our awareness is super high when the soul leaves the body. I had out of body experience. Mr. Xiao pointed it out that I actually “died” when I was out of my body. Please see my blog article for reference. Thousands of near death experiences indicate that people can describe in details how they were saved while they were “dead.” Physically they could not see nor hear because their brain stopped functioning. Body dies, but not the soul! There are lots of “things” that our human eyes could not see. That does not mean that “things” don’t exist. Qi Se (qi color) is a very accurate word to describe how someone appears. Everybody is enveloped with colorful Qi. There was once a boy, who would not like his name to be known, could see with his eyes the Qi and its color around anyone, including souls. Professor Changlin Zhang also proved with modern science that everybody has “Fo Guang” (Buddha light). Most of us go through life without being aware of what is really going on and then die with ignorance. Everybody becomes aware of the soul at the time of death. We can choose to elevate our awareness, be enlightened, and have wisdom while living.


Everybody is God. We are God’s body to walk the planet and experience life. We are all self-healers. Knowing and experience are two different things. Knowing slapping, stretching, conscious qi can heal and experience the healing with slapping, stretching, conscious qi are two different things. Knowing that stretching can lead to spontaneous power and experiencing spontaneous power are two different things. How to get to experience from knowing? The answer: action. There is no secret or suspense. Spend time everyday to stretch, slap, and practice conscious qi. Thoughts, words, and deeds are all vibrating in their own frequency. They are all powerful at creating. The fastest way to recreate yourself is deed, then word, and then thought. Would you like to stay far away from diseases? Would you like to stay healthy and happy? Action, action, action! Wisdom is knowledge applied. Believe is soul. Soul is God. After my body and mind talked to each other, I could execute or stop spontaneous power as I wish. I have only one word for it: God.



The Secret does work! I attracted this picture into my life. My arms swung exactly like this picture during spontaneous power. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw it this morning! The big words said “Coming from Buddha, know Chinese Medicine.” I say A Mi Tou Fo very often although I have not studied Buddhism yet… Oh my God! (updated November 17, 2015)


Thank goodness to my frozen shoulder at the end of 2012. It gave me a chance to get in touch with Mr. Xiao’s book Journey to cure and got me on the right track with self-healing: from LajinPaida to lotus sitting and spontaneous power. Thank goes to Ruihua Zhao. Her article inspired me to uncover my potential with practice. Journey to cure changed the way that I live. The book not only raised my body, mind, and soul to a much higher level but also lead me to help my friends, family, and the new friends that I made with PaidaLajin, getting on the right track of living the healthy and happy way. I would like to express from the bottom of my heart: thank you Mr. Xiao for promoting PaidaLajin all over the world! I use my deed to support you!


Journey to heal


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美国 德州 祝东晓 Dongxiao (214-506-3487) Plano, TX​









刚才Y拉筋之后,第一次,身体自动有规律地振动,从左腿开始,越来越强烈,之后带动右腿振动,前后持续了几分钟!送孩子上学前左、右腿各拉筋20分钟,下腿9公斤沙袋,上脚3公斤。那振动的感觉,实在是太奇妙了!感恩老天,感恩@萧宏慈 !阿弥陀佛!合掌 5月12日 21:25 来自 Android客户端




抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap



抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap




每次振动后,身心愉悦!那种安宁、幸福、满足、愉悦、喜乐、和平、温暖、遍及全身麻麻的通电感觉,及语言无法表达的美妙,让人只想静静地躺在那里,融化在其中!每次起身前,我都会合掌念一句 “Thank you God” 感谢神!






9月4日 (写给萧大侠的短信)

“今天倒休。上午站拉筋板看书,大约20分钟,脚底痛。站在卫生间高台边,修脚,剪掉脚底的厚茧时觉得累,抬起右脚跟,几秒钟,气通,右腿开始有节率地振动, 我赶快离开高台,挪到卫生间中间,放松身体,让它自己振动, 双腿,双臂,双手,双脚,全身 。我知道有外力(神力)在帮我,因为我自己没有那么大的力气。其中有几分钟是双手背,隔着短裤同时拍打大腿,当时也没觉到痛。整个过程大约有20分钟?全身热,出汗,衣服都湿了。换衣服时,发现右侧大腿出了一大块青痧,左腿也有一小块青痧。用手背也可以拍打,大概是神给我的启示?我这个经历,恐怕只有您才能理解我在说什么。” 

抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap

其实,当天早上振动开始后,我心里也没底这到底是怎么回事。不过,我刚读完《与神对话》。感恩美中专业人士协会前会长朱晓薇为俺推荐这套书,共三册,去西安前先读了第三册,回美国后读完一、二册。这套书究竟对我的生命有多大影响,目前还无法估量。我记得振动开始不久,我的脑子里闪过这样的念头:“这样站着振,不会有什么危险吧?、、、不怕,神不会让我摔倒的!、、、Oh, God! This is fun! Let’s have some fun together!(哦,神!这个很好玩!让我们一起玩吧!)








原来俺是自发功!原来80年代那些气功大师带上百人练功时,传说中那些一起练功的人哭、笑、跳、跑,拍打,转动等等都是真的!哈哈,一不留神,俺就变成有“特异功能”之人啦。抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap






抖动、振动、自动拍打​-Tremble、vibrate、auto <wbr><wbr>slap



















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