On March 13, 2016, we held another PaidaLajin seminar at Delta Park, Victory Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. The seminar attracted friends old and new. Mr. Xiao spent over three hours explaining the self-healing exercises and demonstrating the instantaneous effect of PaidaLajin. Several beneficiaries shared their self-healing experience, and some of those who had attended the 2014 workshop applied for the upcoming workshop on 16-21 March. Several newcomers also signed up for it.

Volunteers clapping the face to get prettier

Before the seminar, Lazarina, who had attended the 2014 workshop, shared with Mr. Xiao her Paida experience in daily life.
 Mr. Xiao used a bilingual PPT to explain the theory and self-healing examples.

Tshidi, a PaidaLajin coach in Soweto, South Africa, shared her experience of practicing and promoting PaidaLajin over the past four years. She used to work in a restaurant. After being introduced PaidaLajin, she went back home and told her mother about it. Her mother was very sick then, with diabetes, hypertension, and gall bladder stones. And she was scheduled to remove her gall bladder nine days later. She didn’t want to go for the surgery, so she started doing PaidaLajin right away, from morning till evening. Nine days later, she went to the hospital, and was told that the surgery could be postponed, for her symptoms had been much relieved. She went back home and continued PaidaLajin. Just like many other self-healing miracles, she didn’t need the surgery any more. PaidaLajin has since become part of her daily life. She hasn’t taken a single pill for years, for her diabetes, hypertension, and gall bladder stones are all gone.

When Tshidi’s son was injured and found with bone marrow infection, she decided to take him home to self-heal with PaidaLajin, due to no improvement after prolonged medical treatment. She slapped his universal regions (elbows, knees, hands and feet), head, back and legs for some days, her son’s leg problem was cured and he is now back in his school’s soccer team. Tshidi’s daughter used to have poor grades in mathematics and needed a tutor. Then, after Paida for some time, her math and overall grades gradually improved, and she now ranks among the top students in her class.

Tshidi brought PaidaLajin to Soweto Old Age Home, helping old ladies there who had long been tortured by stroke, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, lower back pain, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. After doing PaidaLajin for several months, many of them stopped medication, they could walk without a cane or a wheelchair, and could take better care of themselves.

Youtube video links:
Surgery Avoided and Hypertension Gone After PaidaLajin

Paida Healed a Boy’s Leg Injury and Bone Marrow Infection

A Student’s Math Grade Soared with Paida

PaidaLajin Miracles at Soweto Old Age Home, South Africa

One of the “by-products” of healing people with PaidaLajin is, Thsidi has lost 12kg during the process.

Time for action. Mr. Xiao invited audiences to try PaidaLajin. Two went upstage. The gentleman was a former marathon runner who had stopped running seven years before because of leg pain. After about 20 minutes’ PaidaLajin, he tried walking again and felt no leg pain at all. Then, a miracle happened—he began to run AGAIN! All attendees clapped hands to cheer for him. Overjoyed, he ran around the stage for several times. The lady was a naturopath and a yoga coach. She had lower back pain, leg pain, ankle pain and stomach ache. She also had severe depression and had been on prolonged medication. She cried for several times during PaidaLajin. Afterwards, she could feel no pain in her leg and ankle. She said her childhood memories had flown up. After experiencing the instant self-healing effects, both of them decided to attend the upcoming workshop.
Left: A former marathon runner volunteered to try PaidaLajin. He had stopped running seven years before because of knee pain.
Right: A naturopath couldn’t squat before PaidaLajin. She had pain in her waist, buttocks, left knee and injured left ankle.

The naturopath’s injured left ankle

After Lajin, she received Paida from volunteers. The entire back side of her legs had much dark Sha.

Slapping the knees for the former marathon runner

Running again after 20 minutes’ PaidaLajin. It wowed all attendees. He had been unable to run for seven years! Such is the magic of PaidaLajin!


A mother in a wheelchair and her daughter came to the seminar. The mother had been sick for many years, and the daughter had been taking care of her for 12 years, ever since she was 5. Not long ago, the daughter learnt about PaidaLajin and began to try it on herself and on her mom. Her mother’s numb feet could now move and feel sensations. The seminar gave them a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of PaidaLajin, and hope for full recovery. The daughter said she would research more into the self-healing theory, videos and testimonials, practice it more, and train herself to be a healer.

PaidaLajin Global Promotion Team
March 13, 2016