In order to relieve the pains, he even went to India three times for treatment , but he didn’t expect he finally healed his pains by himself! It’s the charm of self-healing! He only used a lajin bench and received so magic effect. If he does Paida, he will achieve better self-healing result.

Dear Teacher Xiao,

My name is Isa Ng Yuk Shui. I have meant to write you this thank you email for a long while, and on this Tibetan Buddha’s Birthday, I consider it most appropriate to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude towards the simple methods of stretching/slapping that you have taught me via your book ‘yi xing tian xia’.  Sorry that I have not learned to type Chinese and it is embarrassing that as a HK born Chinese, I have to use English to communicate with you.  Since I have shared my agony with ligaments hardening & shrinkage with a few friends as I was passing them your book in order to inform them how your book had saved my life, literally!  Below are the extract of the pain that I have been bearing since 2000. 
FYI, I have suffered from shrinking and hardening ligaments on my right body from shoulder/arm/back/spine since 2000.  It got worse over the years, in 2002 -03, my right arm could not even lift 2 pounds bread!  Then I opted for natural healing instead of using any pain killers or drugs.  I went for massage, moxibustion (using herbal incense to smoke the acupuncture points), acupuncture, even electric acupuncture, fire glass (but guan), you name it, I have tried them all!  It did not get any better, and thanks to the Chinese massage lady, who encouraged me to do yoga, as she said I must self help.  My arm became slightly better, but my pain with the arm is constant, and easily exhausted. 
Then by the  spring of 2006, my 2 knees and thighs were causing so much pain (many many spurs at my knees) that I could not walk normally with running shoes on flat floor for more than 10 mins, I would need to sit down to rest.  Also, walking uphill and stairs are purely AGONY!  I quit Jockey.  I even went to India 3 separate times to do injection of jelly to my knees from 06 till 09, again, not much improvement.  My back pain increases since last summer, from shoulder to neck, each morning I have been waking up by PAIN at my right back, from arm pit area all the way to my foot, the left side began to frozen as well, as the stress was on them for too long.  Had it not been the fact that I have strong faith with my religion, I could have end my life in some gloomy days as my body was decaying and become more & more painful as days gone by…….
Then, one evening I went to this shopping mall, and I walked into my favorite bookstore, and surely, this book about Lajin CAUGHT my eyes!  All these years, I was complaining to everyone that there are medical departments for bones and other organs, NOT one for ligaments, guess I have no chance.  FYI, my western doctor in India, Dr Mandal was one of the best Orthopedic & Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi, he was Specialist in Sports Medicine and Minimal Invasive Surgery, I have done MRI, Xrays, etc, all tests on my spine, arm and 2 knees.  He could not explain what was the cause of my pain.
I got this amazing book in spring, read it for a week, and started trying the lai gun methods.  The second day, YES, only tried lajin for 10 mins on each leg and only after the second time, I noticed I was not feeling the usual pain that wakes me up in the morning!!!  I could not believe it, then went on trying 2-4 different methods, and felt much better.  Since then, I keep on doing lajin, now for almost 3 months (told your dad and gave Fi the book since April). Guess what? I do not feel any PAIN at all those areas! 
In fact, my massage man asked me how I did it, as he noticed that my ligaments are no more hard as stones, still harder than normal folks, but manageable to massage and become easily relax after an hour!  Before, only my 2 arms would have taken 2 hours and still not relax!  I am improving and recovering day by day!  Also, my knees, even with spurs, I have STRENGTH now with them!  For change, with the aid of flip flop. I am able to walk for an hour, without the need to rest!  Unheard of.  Can you imagine simple lajin method that can CURE my suffering for the past 10 years!!!?  Free of charge, no drug, just discipline and just DO IT! 
So, thank you once again, Teacher Xiao.  To me, you are a Bodhisattva who is here in this time and age to eliminate sufferings for sentient beings that are in human realm, and I sincerely admire your amazing journey on this Bodhisattva path.  I yearn and pray that I can become a self healing master to aid others as well, but of course, we all have different sets of karmic ripening. 
With warmest regards,
Isa Ng

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