Dear Master Xiao,   

I used to work as a paediatrician at hospital for 9 years and in 2006 was transferred to SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd in charge of occupational health work such as prevention of occupational diseases, work injuries. Since 2009 I came across your book “Journey to Self-Healing” on, reading your blogs has been my first thing after starting the computer every day, from which I have learned more knowledge than what I have in my medical school and clinical experience at the hospital.  For so many years in the hospital, but I have not encountered even ONE successful case in sudden cardiac death. 

A 21-year-old female college student suddenly fell to the ground in the race, with apnea and heart arrest, while I was accompanying my son competing in the roller speed skating on May 18 this year. She has been saved after her two elbows being slapped for about 40 minutes.

(The handsome boy on the right is my son)



The aunt in red T-shirt and the boy by her side are members of our cheering group 

On May 18, 2013, I accompanied my son to participate in the roller speed skating event held at Liuzhou Teachers College. The competition was held in four groups: pre-school, children, junior and adult level. My son is 9 years old and was in junior group. He placed the first in the 500 meter event at group preliminary and made it to the final.
He won the 3rd prize in 1000 meter event at about 5:00 pm and the coach told us that the prize-giving ceremony would be held as soon as competition for college students ended. It was about 6:00 pm and the race was going on. I said to my son:” let’s go home and we don’t have to attend the award.” He said:”Wait me a while. I’ll be back when I finish 10 laps on the track.” I walked down to the track from the auditorium and got ready to follow him for the final 2 laps, worrying he could not keep going because he looked very tired. He was found stopped at the curved track and a group of people were gathering up. I rushed to the site where a female college student suddenly fell down to the ground in the race and the on-site staff were carrying her off the field.
I thought it was bone fracture. But when I saw her eyes rolling upwards and face turning pale, I urged the staff to lay her down to the ground, “I’m a doctor. Let me do the first-aid. Please dial emergency number 120 for help.”
I pressed her Renzhong acupoint for more than 10 seconds, but she had no any reaction. Then I put my hand on her nostrils but unable to feel the air flow sound. I touched her neck artery but couldn’t feel any pulse, and breath and heartbeat stopped. I was wondering if I could do CPR for her. I used to work in hospital for so many years, but I have never seen a successful case in sudden death by CPR. Doesn’t Paida cleanse toxins and wastes in the vessel and unblock the vessel directly? Why not try Paida? Heart is on the left and elbow of left hand is close to heart. I started to slap her left elbow and in less than 5 minutes much black and purple Sha came out. She still had no response though being slapped for more than 10 minutes. I felt fearful but I didn’t stop slapping her.
After a while, she opened her eyes slowly. “Can you hear me?” I asked her. She gave me a glance without answer, then closed her eyes and entered an unconscious state. I then slapped her right elbow. At the moment, a grandma came up and continuously drew a cross on your forehead and body, murmuring “May God bless you.” There was much Sha surfaced on the right elbow and I didn’t know how long I slapped it. Thank God, again her eyes opened slowly! “ How are you feeling now?” I asked her. “Just headache”, she replied.  Her classmate passed her a cup of water. I said, “She can’t drink cold water. Let her drink some warm water.”
“Here comes the ambulance!” finally someone shouted the arrival of the ambulance. Why did it arrive so late? It was said that the caller didn’t make the address clearly, because there are North Campus and South Campus in the college, and the driver went to the wrong.
The emergency doctor gave her a blood glucose test and showed in normal level 5.9. The doctor advised her to go to hospital for further observation and examination. For unknown reasons, the student refused to go to the hospital. The doctor had to let her signed and then left.
At 7:20 pm, my husband drove her and her roommates back to their dormitory. I asked her to take more rest, have some liquid food in the evening. At 10:00 pm, I contacted her roommate, but the mobile phone was powered off.
On the second morning at about 7:00 I called her roommate again knowing she was feel well except a bit dizziness and headache.
Later, an aunt in our cheering group said to me, “Why did you spend so much time on this first-aid?  Thanks to your son’s extra skating, or we would have been home.  Without you, the girl might not have been saved”
I still had a lingering fear when I was back at home retrospect that scene.  In the hospital, the rescue is usually given up when the sudden death patients can not saved in 40 minutes. But that day I was so sure all the time that Paida unblocks the blocked vessels, and it gave me great confidence, particularly by the time she opened her eyes
Many thanks, Master Xiao, for your spreading so simple but effective method to the people  around the world.

Ma Wenyu (15077201883), Liuzhou, Guangxi
Sept 30, 2013
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