HK PaidaLajin Self-Healing Workshop of 3 days will be held in a scenic holiday resort in April with Master Xiao.The Self-Healing methods derived from “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” are learnt for the purpose at the workshop: All diseases are caused by meridians blockage and unblocking blockage self-heals.The course includes:lectures, Zen jogging,meditation,Paida and Lajin,fasting, waist-swirling, wall-hitting、Tie-Qiang Gong, standing exercise and sharing of experiences,etc. 



Date:  April 8-10,2016 Full-time Programs(3 days and 2 nights,including 1 day fasting)


Fees:  HKD2900(4-person room)

           HKD3100(3-person room)

           HKD3300(2-person room)



Registration and enquiries:

Hong Kong —Phone/whatsapp-   852- 5225 0157




      During office hours from Monday to Friday,phone enquiries are accessible, the other time please go through whatsapp 


Chinese Mainland:



Register on mobile phone:open your WeChat app



 click “+”,find “Add friend”(添加朋友)



 Enter“拍打拉筋自愈法”or“paidalajin666”and search,we can be found, you may focus or scan the QR code

    Click “Registration”报名入口on the lower right corner


After successful submission of registration form,you will see the reply as figure below. Please contact us with service phone number 【13661058751】for confirmation



Registration for this workshop will start from Feb 23. Seats are limited. Please register early as possible.