Christine, aged 47, stays in Jakarta, Indonesia February 7, 2016

I attended a PaidaLajin seminar on January 17, 2016 at the Parish Hall of the Church “Anak Domba” of St. John Vianney at Cilangkap near Jakarta, Indonesia, organized by RD TAM Rochadi Widagdo. The seminar was presented by Dr. Nani Kolopaking, Dr. Sally Halim, Ir. Nensi Kolopaking and PL team of volunteers.

Before attending the seminar at Cilangkap, I took glucosamine chondroitin for my painful knee. Two days after PaidaLajin, suddenly the muscles under my thumb hurt so badly that pain reliefing patch did not help at all. That night I could hardly sleep.

The next day I felt the back of my shoulder hurt every time I Paida-ed the muscles under my thumb. Lajin on a wooden table helped relieve my thumb pain.

The first week I continued with PaidaLajin. I felt my body cold, fatigued, and I had a lot of sleep. Blue Sha came out around my elbow. The second week, I had diarrhoea and itchiness due to allergy. But if I Paida-ed the itchy spot, the itchiness would disappear. Only in less than three weeks everything was back to normal, my knee pain also disappeared without glucosamine that made me itchy.

Thanks to Samantha who assisted me and my mother during the seminars, to Rm. Rochadi, Dr. Nani, Dr. Sally, Ir. Nensi, along with the PL team. The presentation was very clear and thorough; everyone in the team was very welcoming and encouraging for all to come, try PaidaLajin, and ask questions. They kept reminding us to be in the state of Prayers with an open heart and mind to receive God’s energy (Chi) to heal our body while doing PaidaLajin.

I am very grateful to God for having sent me to this seminar. Now I enjoy sitting crossed legs without any pain during meditation. This is the answer to my prayers, for my children and my husband to take charge in our health the most effective way.

Thanks profusely to Mr. Hongchi Xiao who has introduced PaidaLajin so that more and more people could feel the benefit.