On March 2, 2016, Mr. Hongchi Xiao arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa to start a month-long PaidaLajin promotion tour. This is his third visit to Africa. Now we are making documentaries of the first two visits. Please wait to watch the PaidaLajin self-healing miracles in Africa.

We are staying at a Chinese friend’s home. For the first two days, we had a private PaidaLajin party, slapping out many deep toxins and revealing the connection of shoulder problem with pressure and a disturbed heart.

In the first few days, we learnt yoga from some yoga coaches and also taught them how to do PaidaLajin. In spite of their yoga exercise every day, the yoga coaches have many diseases. Fortunately with PaidaLajin the healing is instant and obvious, especially on the pain problems and depression. When slapping digs out many deep toxins, the connection of shoulder problem with pressure and a disturbed heart is revealed.

Sha on the shoulder of a yoga practitioner

Yesterday evening, Mr. Xiao was invited to talk on SAFM radio program at 21:30. It attracted listeners all over South Africa. Before the program, a gorgeous producer saw the Lajin bench and wanted to have a try. She got onto the bench, and the program started. Mr. Xiao gave a brief introduction of PaidaLajin, its origin and efficacies, and the healing wonders during the first two visits here. The radio anchor gave out a stream of “wows” and said it was her first time to get exposed to such a wonderful therapy.
 South Africa’s SAFM producer trying Lajin

After 3-5 minutes, we asked the producer to get down from the bench and walk a few steps to feel the difference before and after Lajin. She then found that she could almost feel no waist pain, which used to haunt her. The anchor gave an immediate and cheerful report, like describing a football kicked into the goal gate in real time reporting. Then the lady stood on the bench and we clapped her knees to show how to Paida. After that, she asked us how to self-heal neck pain. How? Just Paida.

While doing the interview, the anchor took pictures of the PaidaLajin scenes and sent them to SAFM forum and Twitter, to interact with listeners real-time and to give them a direct impression of what PaidaLajin is. In the end, she announced the contact info of local PaidaLajin promoters and PaidaLajin website www.paidalajin.com/en/home. Right after the program finished, we received phone calls from eager listeners asking us detailed information on the upcoming PaidaLajin seminars and workshops in Johannesburg.

The entire production team was very much interested and hoped to attend next weekend’s grand PaidaLajin party. Before we left, the anchor asked Mr. Xiao to give her some slaps on an elbow. And she was very happy to learn that Paida on the face and belly helps make a woman more beautiful.
 SAFM anchor receiving Paida from Mr. Xiao

PaidaLajin Global Promotion Team
March 5, 2016