On March 12, 2016, a PaidaLajin self-healing seminar was held at a hall of Soweto TV Station, Johannesburg, South Africa. Soweto is known worldwide for two Nobel Prize winners who fought for black people’s equal rights — President Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Today, Mr. Hongchi Xiao brought PaidaLajin self-healing method to this sacred land, to empower everyone to enjoy a more basic human right — the right to self-heal.

Attendees of the seminar included a group of children, young and middle-aged people, a paralyzed patient in a wheelchair, and elderly people. Local PaidaLajin volunteers, a top-notch camerawoman and Soweto TV and Vilakaze Radio staff helped make the event happen and reported on it. At the seminar, differences in nationality, race, skin color, language, culture and diseases are transcended, and people worked together to self-heal and heal each other with PaidaLajin. The scenes were heart-warming and there were quite a few healing miracles. 

PaidaLajin Self-Healing (English edition): The one with a red cover was produced in 2013; the ones with a blue cover come from the 2016 version. We have been constantly improving our self-healing theory and practice over the years. Right now, PaidaLajin books and documents are available in Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Indonesian, etc. Numerous people across the world, many of whom we have never met, have been practicing PaidaLajin to self-heal diseases and pains, and elevating their energy level. If you and/or your friends would like to volunteer to translate PaidaLajin books and documents to make it easily accessible to more people, please contact Ellen Zhang (Email: ellenzdl@163.com).

Many Paida (clapping) moves during a local dance 

Mr. Hongchi Xiao doing Lajin under a tree by a street 

Mr. Xiao posing with African PaidaLajin volunteers

South African and Malawi beauties volunteering to sell PaidaLajin books and Paida tools. The revenue will be used by local organizers to sustain the efforts of PaidaLajin promotion in Africa. Since 2014, Mr. Xiao has been to Africa for three times to promote self-healing with PaidaLajin for free. He also provides local practitioners with Lajin benches, self-healing DVDs, books and brochures, Paida tools, etc. Mr. Xiao also expressed on many occasions that he would like to go to the poorest areas to share PaidaLajin with people there.

Camerawoman getting her first taste of Lajin. After a few minutes’ stretching, she found her lower back pain much relieved.

Volunteers helping each other to slap

Veronica (Left) from Malawi is now an experienced PaidaLajin coach. In 2009, 19-year-old Veronica was pregnant with her first baby. As she had high blood pressure, she had to take anti-hypertensive drugs every day, for years during and after her pregnancy, with no improvement at all. She also had dizziness and depression. Then, in 2013, when she was pregnant with her second baby, she got to know PaidaLajin while in South Africa and began to practice the exercises. After two weeks, she went for a checkup and was told that her blood pressure was back to normal. She stopped medication and hasn’t taken a single pill for three years. Her dizziness and depression also faded away. She practiced PaidaLajin every day during pregnancy and then went back to Malawi. Her delivery was easy and quick. Whenever her two children feel any discomforts, they are healed with Paida. She spent over a year helping Malawi people who couldn’t pay to get treatment. Over 30 people with malaria, diabetes and hypertension are healed with PaidaLajin and have stopped their previous medication. The seed of self-healing is now rooted in their hearts and they are sharing it with others.

Lebo (right) found PaidaLajin newsworthy as a person and from a media professional’s perspective. She has volunteered to organize media exposure programs, and has been practicing PaidaLajin herself and sharing it with friends in the media circle.

Over a dozen kids lined up to try Lajin. Many felt it too painful to continue after a few minutes. Tendon contraction starts even in young children. After a round of Lajin, some kids lined up again to try a second round.

The anchor of Vilakaze Radio and the cameraman (Left) reported on the seminar and both tried Lajin. They witnessed and experienced the instantaneous effects of PaidaLajin, and invited Mr. Xiao to continue a live interview and PaidaLajin demonstration on the busiest street in Soweto.

It was getting dark. Mr. Xiao, together with the volunteers, did a live interview with Vilakaze Radio by a busy street. A passer-by came to try Lajin and got down the bench after 2-3 minutes’ stretching.

The passer-by was able to squat down after Lajin.

 Jumping up joyfully

He told Mr. Xiao and the anchor that he had stopped working due to a bone fracture in his leg. He had never expected that this 2-3-minute Lajin would change his life — the pain was gone and he was able to squat and walk normally. “I could go back to work again,” he said.

PaidaLajin Global Promotion Team
March 12, 2016