Dear PaidaLajin friends,


Greetings from Bulgaria.


I arrived in Sofia yesterday. As I expected, initially my mom agreed Paida to be applied for her, but after the first 2 sessions, she said she didn’t like the pain. My previous experience was that my mom could be very negative, and most often she opposed everything I offered. So I let her be and I decided to focus on doing Paida demonstrations to gather testimonials from people in Sofia. Hopefully this will activate my mom’s interest soon :-).


Our first PaidaLajin lecture is scheduled to be this Sunday.

At a March 2016 PaidaLajin seminar in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lazarina shared with Mr. Xiao and attendees her PaidaLajin experience over the past two years.


I want to share my Paida experience during my flight from Johannesburg to Istanbul the previous night.


At around 2a.m. during my flight from Johannesburg to Istanbul, the pilot announced, “If there is a medical doctor on the plane, please come to the pilot cabin.”


I knew that there was an emergency situation on the plane but I decided not to interfere with a medical doctor’s procedure. I started applying the La-chi qigongenergy healing from my seat.


I have to admit though that knowing that I could help and keeping passive made me feel uneasy.


A few minutes later I noticed that just 5 seats in front of me much distress was taking place. I decided to check what was going on.


When I went there, there was a passenger lying unconscious on the floor. There were 4 crew members around him, 2 men & 2 women, looking distressed and wondering around the man.


I asked them if there was a medical doctor among them and they said no. They asked me if I was a medical doctor. I told them that I am not a medical doctor, I am a holistic therapist but I am trained how to assist in emergency situations and I could help. I asked them if they knew what the problem was. One of the stewardesses told me that the passenger had a very low blood pressure.


I took the passenger’s hand—it felt like a dead fish, completely lifeless. I started slapping on the inside of his wrist—the Neiguan acupoint.

Neiguan acupoint

I told the steward who was standing opposite me to slap the other wrist and I showed him how. He started slapping the other wrist. Just a few moments passed and the other steward touched my shoulder and told me to stop. He told me, “We cannot allow you to do this.” 


I stopped. I tried to communicate with the crew that this method is safe. I told them that this is an ancient Chinese practice, and by activating the Heart and Lung Meridians using slapping, we will help the passenger very quickly. The steward told me that he understood but the procedure is that only a licensed medical doctor can be allowed to help.


At this moment, the passenger opened his eyes, gazing at each of the people around him.


I asked one of the stewardesses to measure the man’s blood pressure and his blood pressure was already raised to the normal parameters. While the stewardess was busy comforting the passenger, the other stewardess asked me to show her the technique I was applying. I demonstrated Paida for her.


I left the crew to follow their procedures and I went back to my seat. A few minutes later I went to check if all was well. I saw the passenger sitting on a chair, he was given something to eat and drink. I later enquired about his condition and I was told that all is well now. 


Before I left, I spoke to the stewardess who showed interest in Paida. I gave her my website and told her to click on PaidaLajin and read how to apply Paida in emergency situations in future. I hope she may choose to share this information with her colleagues too :-).


Thank you Master Xiao for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and strength with us.


The Paida procedure for emergency situation can be read here: 


This procedure has been derived from the Master Xiao’s book—PaidaLajin Self-Healing, page 122.


Love and blessings to all.




You can download Using PaidaLajin for Urgent Symptoms in your selected language under Classroom – Downloads.


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