1. Normally, solid slaps are used in Paida. Hollow slaps are occasionally used. Solid slaps produce a stronger stimulation and are more effective.


2. Hollow slaps are occasionally used to reduce the pain of Paida. Hold the thumb close to the other four fingers that are kept close and straight, and it creates a very shallow space in between. Hence, hollow slaps are basically still solid slaps.


3. To intensify stimulation on certain parts of the body, the back of the hand, mainly the knuckles of fingers lining together, may be used.


4. Fists or a Paida tool can be used to increase penetration or to reduce the volume of Paida sounds, or on certain parts of the body, for instance, fleshy parts like the abdomen, buttocks and thighs; or parts that cannot be easily slapped using the palm, such as the armpits, groins, etc. The sides of the palms may also be used to chop at the groins.


5. When slapping a large region, such as the inner elbows, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and knees, the entire palm and fingers should be used. To slap on a smaller area, you can primarily use fingers, with agile movements of the wrist.


6. For areas that your hands cannot reach or where you cannot slap hard enough with your hands, such as the back and the back of legs, Paida tools can be used, such as special Paida sticks, soles of canvas shoes, wooden sticks, stones, etc. The specially designed Paida stick is very flexible and suitable for direct contact with the skin. The sides of the stick can be used to Paida uneven parts of the body.