If your body manifests one or several of the following eight symptoms, then you are suffering from Jin-Suo (tendon contraction):


[Test 1] Ability to squat


Do you find it increasingly difficult? One way to tell is to try using a squat toilet.       


[Test 2] Can you lift your legs with ease?


Remember climbing stairs in strides? Do you find it increasingly difficult?


[Test 3] Can you bend from the waist easily?


Each time, bending becomes increasingly difficult and you might easily end up with twists and sprains.


[Test 4] Can you walk or run in long strides?


If you can only take small steps, then it’s time to take note.


[Test 5] Is your one leg longer or shorter than the other?


“How come I never realized it?”      


[Test 6] Can you stretch and bend the arms?


Try holding the rings on a bus or train.


[Test 7] Can you stretch your legs in a seated posture?


“Why can’t I stretch out as wide as others?”


[Test 8] Can you turn your body easily?


“Ah, it is not because I am fat, but because I’ve got Jin-Suo?”