How does Lajin work?

A baby has strong Yang energy and a very soft body. As a person ages, the body gets stiffer, the tendons get shorter and the Yang energy gradually declines. In old age, a person becomes hunchbacked and thus shorter. When a person is dead, the Yang energy is used up and the body is completely stiff. The same is true with animals and plants. Green branches and leaves are tender, flexible and exuberant; withered ones are hard, fragile and lifeless. Flexibility indicates abundant Yang energy; stiffness signals weak Yang energy.

The importance of having flexible Jin is reflected in these Chinese adages: “Where the bones are in place and Jin is flexible, Qi and blood will flow smoothly.” “Extending Jin by one inch will prolong life by 10 years.” “A person thrives when Jin is flexible and perishes when Jin contracts.” In order to live a long and healthy life, we should make the tendons softer, longer and more flexible.

Jin-Suo (tendon stiffness and contraction) may seem to only affect bodily movements; in actual fact, it negatively impacts all internal organs. Our bones, limbs, and internal organs are linked together by tendons, ligaments and meridians. And the 12 main tendons go alongside the 12 main meridians. Jin-Suo causes meridian blockages and health problems. And it does not occur in certain parts of the body, but in the entire body and throughout a person’s life. Jin-Suo is related to all illnesses; Lajin helps to heal pains and diseases.

The concept of Jin-Suo is yet to be recognized in Western medicine. Many people with diabetes, hypertension and other diseases are still being treated through control of indicators like blood glucose or blood pressure levels; the root causes remain undetected or are overlooked even after years of treatment. Such causes can be easily revealed through Lajin; and when combined with Paida, they can be diagnosed more accurately. Many pains are caused by Jin-Suo, which can be instantly relieved by doing Lajin. As the therapy is not known to and/or adopted by medical professionals, medication and surgery are used instead to suppress the symptoms.</span>

It is commonly believed that when a person complains of pain, stretching needs to be stopped so as not to injure the bones and tendons. However, it is precisely because of tightened tendons that stretching is needed to avoid further tightening. Lajin removes blockages and alleviates the pain, for “no pains, no blockages”.

It should be noted that Lajin duration and intensity is to be gradually increased. It will be better effect when Lajin is combined with Paida, proper diet and/or other natural therapies. Daily Lajin is one of the best fitness exercises.

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5 Replies to “How does Lajin work?”

  1. Hi Donald, Sorry that I’m posting my question here,since I couldn’t send it from your Contact form.(The reCAPTCHA continuously says “Verification expired. Check the checkbox again.” even though I did everything properly for 4 times.)

    I have been doing PaidaLajin and enjoying to see the interesting and good results since 2 weeks ago and I noticed that I seemed to lose about 60-70% of my sense of taste & smell too.(since 2 days ago or so)
    I searched about it on the net and on your website but no one was writing “losing sense of smell & taste” in the list of healing crisis. I’d like to know if this is related to PaidaLajin or other causes.
    Have you ever heard from anyone who did PaidaLajjin lost their sense of taste & smell temporarily? And how long this may continue?

    1. Noriko San, No, I have not heard any other similar cases. I will ask other coaches for you. If it is your healing reaction, please do continue Paida, until it disappears, usually within one week. If it lasts more than a week, please see a doctor.

      1. Hi Donald, Thank you so much for your answer! After I sent you my question yesterday,I noticed what might be the cause of losing sense of taste. I was gargling my mouth with small amount of Grape Fruit Seed Extract with some water and kept it in my mouth for a while to get rid of gum infection. Actually the amount of GSE was a bit too much and it seemed to burn my tongue for the last few days. Since I added more water in the solution, the symptom is disappearing.
        For the losing sense of smell might be other causes too,not PaidaLajin. Thank you again for your time.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Interesting and true. I do Lajin every day now with paida. Only can do Lajin for 5 minutes at the time, but hope do more soon.

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