1. Paida whole-heartedly. It involves confidence, concentration, and perseverance. When you believe in self-healing with Paida, you will stay focused and persist in the practice; if you are affected by negativity, you cannot continue with full attention, and the effect will be discounted even if you do practice it.


2. Close your eyes and Paida silently. With eyes closed, it is easier to clear your thoughts and focus on Paida; when you Paida with your eyes open, you can be easily distracted by what you see and start chatting with others, thus consuming energy and reducing the effect of Paida.


3. Comprehend the philosophy and concepts of self-healing. Read and re-read the first two chapters to deepen your understanding of self-healing. For many people, existing knowledge and habits can lead to their doubts about and fear of self-healing. When you encounter problems or difficulties during your practice, please re-read the first two chapters, particularly “healing reactions”. It will greatly boost your confidence in self-healing. Moreover, there are many testimonials in the book and online for your reference. Millions of people have self-healed with PaidaLajin. Why not you?


4. Repent wholeheartedly. Just as illnesses have traceable causes, people invariably have their wrongs. The agonies that one is suffering now are the manifested “effects” of what was committed in the past. Repent sincerely when you practice Paida, to yourself, to family members, friends and/or others, alive or dead, whom you have hurt with your words and/or deeds, and ask for their forgiveness. This will bring out the positive power of thought and enhance the healing effect immensely. For someone who does not repent after falling ill and yet keep on complaining, the negativity will grow stronger and the condition will worsen.


5. Be grateful. First, be grateful to pains and diseases, for they are kind reminders urging you to change your bad habits, to part with suffering and to regain happiness. During Paida, first of all, be grateful to the Creator who created everything, including us humans; secondly, be grateful to your body. If you keep exploiting it without giving it proper care, how can you not fall ill? If the body has fallen sick and you are still ungrateful to it and not consoling it, it is only natural that the condition will worsen; thirdly, be grateful to your parents and country for nurturing you; fourthly, be grateful to people, alive or dead, who have helped and cared for you. You can think of their names and images during the Paida process; fifthly, be grateful to your enemies and those who have hurt you, for they, similar to those who have helped you in positive ways, are indispensable for your growth as a person. Positive and negative energies do not exist alone. If there is still hatred and resentment in you, the seed of illness is not eliminated. Gratitude is the best way to clear up such negativity.


Combine gratitude and repentance together, and you can chant aloud or silently these words often used during PaidaLajin: I’m Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You; I Love You. These are also powerful phrases of the Hawaiian Healing System used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, and described in the book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More authored by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.


6. Fill up with clean Qi and expel dirty Qi. Think of the body being filled up with clean Qi from the palm that is slapping down; and when the palm is removed, think of dirty Qi being drawn out and expelled from the body.


7. Recite mantras. In the Paida process, if you recite orally or in the heart mantras from your own religion, the healing effects will be enhanced. For instance, Christians may chant “Hallelujah”; Buddhists may chant “Amitabha”, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, and so on.


8. Pay attention to breathing. Whether you are slapping or being slapped, you can inhale through your nose, hold your breath for 3-60 seconds or even longer, and exhale rapidly through your mouth. It helps to relieve the pain of Paida, boost Yang energy and get rid of foul air in your body. Or, you can observe your breathing and sensations calmly and objectively. It helps you to be conscious of what is going on within and accept the sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant.