Yes. And many of them have amazing self-healing effects.


Normally, gravely ill patients and elderly people suffer Qi and blood deficiency. Aging and diseases are caused by deficient Yang energy and excess of pathogenic substances in the body. The process of healing diseases is a process of removing the excess and replenishing the deficiency.


Many people assume that “taking nutritious foods and supplements” is the way to replenish the deficiency. They do not know that the best way to replenish the deficiency is to clear our meridians, as “smooth flowing meridians are the best nourishment”. Even experienced doctors of Chinese medicine are not able to grasp this point. In actual fact, differentiating between excess and deficiency, exterior and interior, excessive cold and heat, and “removing the excess and replenishing the deficiency” are means to the ultimate goal of balancing Yin and Yang energies. Thousands of clinical evidences show that, of all the people practicing PaidaLajin, whether at home or in a workshop, the majority of those with the best self-healing effect are elderly people, gravely ill patients, and those with deficient Qi and blood. These include patients with diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, terminal cancer, and/or other chronic diseases. Some of them are in their 80s or 90s. Many of the beneficiaries of PaidaLajin are elderly patients who have more severe meridian blockages than others, and they are so deficient in Qi and blood that the body cannot absorb much nutrition. For these people in need of nutrition, it cannot be replenished right away. They need to clear the meridian blockages first, and then have nutritious food. And the best way to clear the meridians is to practice PaidaLajin. In other words, when the supply channels in the body are blocked, the nutrition and drugs cannot reach their destination. When the road is narrow or when there is a traffic accident, putting more vehicles on the road does not help. The pressing task is to clear the road.


From a scientific perspective, PaidaLajin can induce generation of “endogenous medicine” in the body. Those with deficient Qi and blood could replenish the deficiency with the “endogenous medicine” and waste-converted nutrients produced through PaidaLajin. It has been proven in front-line scientific research that bones, joints, skin, muscles, and tendons are not only kinematic systems; they are the largest human endocrine system. When practicing PaidaLajin, meridians, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nervous and other systems will be gradually cleared; blood, organs, and body cells will be re-optimized. This not only enhances the immune system; biochemical substances that a person needs, i.e. “endogenous medicines” such as stem cells, insulin, adrenaline, enkephalin and other hormones will also be automatically produced. This is how diseases are self-healed. To put it this way, PaidaLajin not only unblocks the meridians and remove toxins and wastes, it also turns the garbage into nutrients and endogenous medicine. It is a miraculous process of turning waste into treasure.


This is clearly explained in Chinese medicine: PaidaLajin replenish Yang energy, which enhances the circulation. When aided with food therapy (e.g. ginger and jujube tea), the body will have sufficient Yang energy, and diseases are kept at bay. Smooth flowing meridians can enhance Yang energy, which acts as an anti-virus mechanism in the body that automatically removes viruses, tumors and other diseases. When there is smooth flowing Qi in meridians, we can then replenish weak energy. Otherwise, nourishments entering the body may spur the growth of diseases instead of replenishing the body, for lumps, excess fat, cancer cells, etc. all need nutrition to grow.


Whether elderly people, gravely ill patients or those with deficient Qi and blood, as long as one is alive, PaidaLajin can be practiced; however, it should be noted that the intensity should be increased gradually from gentle to heavy; and the duration be lengthened gradually according to one’s health condition and tolerance.


While practicing PaidaLajin and gradually clearing the meridians, drink some ginger and jujube tea. Then move on to have rice, bread, congee, noodles and other staple foods. These are simple and natural foods that can be easily digested and absorbed. Man has taken these foods for millennia and they are proven the best choices for replenishing Qi and blood. Avoid taking drugs, fabricated and canned foods. For very weak patients who cannot keep up the practice of PaidaLajin, take a break and then continue.


If a patient does not want to practice PaidaLajin, do not push him/her to do it or receive it. It could be counterproductive. PaidaLajin is a good self-healing method, and yet only those who voluntarily practice it get the benefit.