No. They are totally different in nature.


Sha, red swelling and other reactions during and after Paida are indicative of meridian blockages being cleared. They are expected, desirable effects of rhythmic, voluntary Paida. They are a part of the detoxification and self-healing process. Positive energy is injected into the body from the loving action.


It can hurt much when Sha is coming out. After that, it will hurt less and less until there is no pain at all. Normally, blood vessels are not broken. Some people fear that it could be subcutaneous hemorrhage when much Sha appears. But medical tests show no broken vessels. However, in very rare circumstances, the skin does get broken and toxic blood and fluid will come out. Normally, the condition will improve faster and the broken skin will soon heal naturally. For instance, patients with severe heart disease can experience it when the inner elbows are slapped; for patients with psoriasis or other severe skin diseases, it is better to slap on the affected areas until it bleeds. No destruction, no construction.


By contrast, bruises and/or injuries from a fight or an accident are caused by too much sudden force crushing blood vessels. It has nothing to do with meridian blockages. There is a lot of negative energy involved. It will hurt a lot and there could be scars afterwards. Very often, the experience will leave emotional trauma long after such an incident has happened.