Indeed, Paida and the colourful “bruises” can look scary to some people. And the pain during Paida can take some getting used to. Understandably so.


Many who practice Paida joke that they have never been beaten so much, so hard in their life. Some of these people used to be doubters as well. You see, we practice it voluntarily as a health-keeping and self-healing exercise, not as a way to punish ourselves or others. Thus the energy is positive, and the result is thorough healing. We enjoy the pain and rhythm of Paida, we love to get out the “bruises” (cold, dampness and toxic waste trapped in the body), and we appreciate how it helps us take health into our own hands. For many of us, Paida has become a part of our lives.


If you are open to the idea of self-healing with Paida, research into it and try it yourself. The colourful “bruises” will come up and fade away, and the pain will become less and less as we continue to Paida. And after several rounds of Paida all over the body, you will become a much healthier person.