The best thing is to continue Paida until Sha fades away. This is called “thorough Paida”.


Sha that appears during Paida is a good reaction, which indicates where the health problems are located. It shows that toxins hidden in the body are brought to the surface and treatment is in progress. Paida should not be stopped right after Sha appears; otherwise, the efficacy will be greatly reduced. The colour of Sha will deepen when Paida is continued. With more Paida, the colour of Sha will get lighter and fade away faster, and normal skin colour will be restored. You can try it yourself by comparing the Sha on your arms or knees, where Paida is continued on one side and stopped on the other side. The Sha on the side receiving continuous Paida will subside faster. The conclusion is, prolonged Paida delivers better efficacy and removes Sha faster.


Paida gathers more Qi and improves blood circulation at the slapped areas, contributing to better detoxification. If Paida stops once Sha appears, the colour will still fade away, it just takes a longer time. Sometimes, it can take days, weeks or even months. Sha subsides faster in young and healthy people, compared with the elderly and the seriously ill.


Some people use moxibustion, acupuncture, blood-letting puncture, Ba Guan (cupping) or other methods to make Sha disappear faster, but we still recommend continued PaidaLajin, as it is the simplest, most convenient and effective method.


After bathing in a hot spring, there will be less pain of Paida, and Sha will subside faster.