According to Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, the intensity of slapping equals to the intensity of being slapped. So, when you use your hands to slap others, your palms are being slapped as well. That is to say, while helping others, you are also healing yourself. Our coaches work in workshops all year round, helping participants to slap. They are not affected by negative energy; instead, they are getting healthier.


Nonetheless, in very rare circumstances, one may catch the cold from the recipient of Paida: First, those who are always overly concerned with the possibility of getting the negative energy. They can have this “dream” come true. This is the most common. Second, those who are very susceptible to the impact of external energy.


To deal with it, the following methods are for your reference:


1. First of all, enhance your own positive energy. Persistent PaidaLajin, meditation, and meditative standing (also called “Zhan Zhuang” or “horse stance”) are good ways to boost your energy level.


2. If you are a theist, silently pray to your Creator, God or Buddha for protection. You can chant mantras.


3. After mutual Paida, swing and shake your hands and feet. It is even better to stand barefoot on the soil or grass.