Two-day workshop / seminar


7/8 August 2016


For the first time in The Netherlands a unique workshop / seminar will be given by Hongchi Xiao in the Center for Preventive Medicine BAY Heerhugowaard on coming August 7 and 8.


Hongchi Xiao believes that “we are masters of our own health.” To promote these simple methods and to allow people to heal themselves, Xiao has authored best-sellers as Journey to cure and PaidaLajin Self-Healing. Now he is traveling the world giving lectures and speeches, organizing workshops and demonstrating the miraculous effects of Paida Lajin on various occasions.


According to Ling Shun the book of the Yellow Emperor (2600 BC) on internal medicine, diseases are caused by blockage of meridians (energy pathways in the body); clearing the meridians therefore can heal diseases. Presented by Master Hongchi Xiao, the audience will learn Paida Lajin- self-motivation – therapies as ways to maintain good health. The methods are simple, yet powerful and the stories – shared by the worldwide PaidaLajin practitioners – are inspiring and educational.


Born in China, Hongchi Xiao has developed many methods and techniques previously thought lost, including rare acupuncture, acupressure, bone-repair, needle-knife techniques and Paida and Lajin. Since then Xiao has devoted to the promotion of these treasures, especially the simplest ones: Paida and Lajin. The other therapies do work wonders, but they are quite complex and passive means of “healing by others.” These have no effective method of “self-healing” which is freely accessible to everyone.


Paida (Slapping):

Soft and hard hitting on the skin to expel toxic waste (in the form of Sha = blood waste concentrations), and to restore health through the smooth flow of Qi (energy) in the energy pathways of the body (meridians).


 Lajin (Stretching):

The stretching of the body to restore the functions of the Jin (tendons) where Jin Suo (contraction of tendons) has occurred with the aim to self-cure diseases, to restore health and prevent aging. It is a simple way of proactive health care. If done correctly, it can improve the overall health and promote longevity by stimulating the Qi energy flow and circulation and clean energy channels of the body. This has a positive effect on all kinds of disorders, acute or chronic, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gynecological and the like. There are different ways of stretching- see the website.


During the workshop / seminar participants exercise the basic techniques and receive (in the English language) information on the background and the effects (translation can be given in Dutch). There is ample opportunity to ask questions. To spend the time as effectively as possible the program on the first day starts at 9:00 a.m. and with short breaks continues until 18:00. A light lunch in the form of sandwiches and salads will be served while there is an opportunity to practice on the stretching benches. The second day starts at 6:30 a.m. with Zen Jogging and meditation. Also on the second day the program is continuous with short brakes and a simple lunch.


There are are several accommodation options in Heerhugowaard and immediate surroundings. More information can be obtained from Gabrielle Baij.

The expenses or this two-day seminar / workshop are € 300, – including lunch.

You may register through: Please include your name, address, telephone number. After registration you will receive an invoice. Only after payment your registration is finalized.


More information about paidalajin:

More information about the workshop / seminar: Emily Wentink, tel 0049 5926 208476 or

More information about the center: Gabrielle Baij, tel 06 33653694


Center for Preventive Medicine

Deimoslaan 5

1702 CK Heerhugowaard


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