Feb 4-5, 2017 Dallas, Texas Seminar & Workshop

萧宏慈老師亲自带领的拍打拉筋兩日体验营将于2017年2月4-5日(周六、周日)举行。Pailala Institute 是501 (C) (3)非盈利机构,此次活动收入将全部用于公益推广自愈法。
2 Day PaidaLajin workshop with Master XIAO Hongchi offered by Pailala Institute, a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. The proceeds from this event will be used for future promotion of PaidaLajin self-healing on behalf of the Public Interest.
9am~5pm, February 4 & 5 (Saturday & Sunday), 2017, North Dallas, Texas, USA
Address: 1201 International Parkway, Suite 300
Richardson, TX 75081

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拍打拉筋体验营 以分享《黄帝内经》自愈法为宗旨,通过分享自愈健康管理,让人人获得健康喜乐的美好人生。凡病皆为经络不通,故通经络可令人自愈。在体验营里,您将参与并感受禅跑、禅坐、辟谷、扭腰、撞墙、自愈法专题讲座、拍打拉筋自愈治疗,教练协助、经验分享。体验营的负责人和教练并非医学专业出身,营员不可用体验营取代求医或将其等同视之。营中的练习方法来源于中国传统医学,只可用于增强人体本有的自我疗愈功能。请穿宽松衣裤,自带茶杯,运动鞋、毛巾、拍打棒等。体验营属自愿参与行为,必须本人亲自报名,如果他人代替报名,必须征得其本人同意,否则由此产生的一切后果自负。

体验营(讲座包括在内)网上报名费用: 一日体验营 $130/人,两日体验营$260/人。网上报名1月31日下午5点截止。此后报名者, 一日体验营 $140/人,两日体验营$280/人。


电话咨询客服: 214-506-3487; Email: dongxiaoz@pailala.org

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According to Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, diseases are caused by blockage of meridians; clearing the meridians can therefore heal diseases. Participants will learn and take part in jogging meditation, meditation, fasting, waist swirling, wall-hitting, knowledge on the self healing therapies, PaidaLajin theory, practice and sharing of experience.
Participants will learn Paida and Lajin DIY therapies as a way to maintain GOOD HEALTH – simple and yet powerful methods to SELF heal by activating your own immune system and DIY without relying on medicine, just natural self healing. Paida and Lajin are promoted as self-healing methods and are not meant for or substitute medical treatment. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for any health issues. Attending the workshop should be voluntary. All participants must register the event for themselves. If the participant is registered by someone else, such registration must be with full consent from the participant. Otherwise the register will bear all the consequences.

Bring your own: loose-fitting clothes, tea cups, change of clothes, running shoes, towel (wipe) cleaning supplies, slippers.

Seminar only: $20/person (Seat is limited, please register sooner)
Workshop (seminar included) fee for online registration: One Day Participation $130/person; Both Day Participation $260/person. Online registration ends at 5:00 pm Jan. 31st, 2017. Registration after 5 pm Jan. 31, 2017, One Day Participation $140/person; Both Day Participation $280/person.

People not advised to participate in the program:
1. People who can not take care of themselves; 2. People with language barrier or communication difficulties (eg. foreigners without personal interpreter); 3. Being hospitalized patients; 4. People with open wounds; 5. Patients with serious diseases; 6. Patients who are suffering mental and/or psychological illness; 7. People who have undergone major medical operations in less than 6 months; 8. Patients with cancer or severe brain injuries; 9. People with infectious diseases or infectious skin diseases; 10. Anyone who know little about Paidalajin and deeply doubt on PaidaLajin; 11. Minors under the age of 18; 12. Pregnant women

There shall be NO refund for ‘no show’ or in the event of the Participant’s withdrawal from the program. To ensure the quality of the workshop, the total number of participants is limited, based on receipt of payment, first come first served. Detailed traffic routes and list of needed personal items will be sent to your email after receipt of your remittance. The coaches of our PaidaLajin Team have the power of the final decision and interpretation on whether the participant is qualified for attending the workshop.

If you have any questions, please call 214-506-3487; Email: dongxiaoz@pailala.org

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