People seldom have only one illness; there are always some number of health risks and hidden diseases related to known ones. Moreover, these diseases are interrelated, and the symptoms are just causes and effects of each other. All known and unknown diseases and symptoms put together are called “complex diseases.”

In effect, all diseases are complex. Even such common ailments as cold, fever, and coughing are complex diseases. They relate to the immune system, which is in turn related to the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, liver and kidney disorders, cancer, etc., are without doubt complex diseases, i.e., they are manifestations of the malfunctioning of more than one internal organs.

Since diseases are invariably complex, we should not focus merely on treating known diseases and symptoms, but should turn our attention to the underlying causes. This explains why we keep reminding people to “ignore the disease name.” We should holistically empower our self-healing mechanism to do its job, because it is the self-healing power, not anything else, that heals all known and unknown diseases. The effect of holistic healing goes beyond that of compartmentalized treatments. All cells, organs, and systems in our body form an integral whole, and they thrive or wither together.

No therapy or drug in the world is a panacea for all known and unknown diseases. There are many natural, holistic therapies out there. But we need a method that is simple to practice and produce quick, amazing effects, but also because they do not target a specific disease or symptom, but activate our innate self-healing power, which diagnoses and treats all diseases in the body.

Complex diseases may appear complicated, but the fundamental cause is microcirculation blockage. Unblocking the blockages heals all of inner body. And the beauty of our methods is that they can rapidly and effectively unblock the blockages in the meridian system (a micro-network of nutrient and toxin exchange system).

People may find it hard to accurately locate meridians and acupuncture points (also called chakras, i.e., important points along meridians can be stimulated for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment). Much more so if they need to utilize complicated knowledge, drugs, equipment, and procedures—that is why many tend to give up on self-healing. For ordinary people without specialized training in medicine, our methods are the best basic healing practice, and it can be an advanced therapy that they can dig deeper into and discover its full potential.

Efficacy is what really matters. Our methods may appear simple, yet they can be more effective in healing complex diseases than non-cause-focused medical practices. Many diseases that doctors cannot cure are self-healed by ordinary people using our unbelievably simple methods. Treating complex diseases with simple methods is as people always put it, “The truest way is the simplest.” This is indeed an accurate and concrete interpretation of the “Way (Tao).”

And, by self-healing complex diseases, people will gain fresh insights into life and its health. Their quality of life will be enhanced thanks to their improved health condition. And they will move from physical healing to spiritual healing, and from health management to life management.

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Team Pailala