Now that you understood that majority of our illnesses are caused by blockages in our meridians or microcirculation, how do we find them and get rid of them?

The technique that we are trying to introduce to you, to diagnose your blockages as well as unblock them is called “PaidaLajin”.  PaidaLajin is actually two techniques.  One is Paida and the other is Lajin.

According to Classic Chinese Medicine, the original Chinese term of “Paida” means both “slapping” and “hitting”.  In other words, we slap our body to find pain.  As you slap along your entire body, you will find some areas are much more painful than others.  Of course, we will teach you where to slap first, where to slap second and so forth. This is based on a 2,500-year-old system, same principles as acupuncture, that we will explain in more detail later.

The Chinese term of Lajin, means stretching.  We teach a technique which will stretch all twelve major meridians at the same time with a single posture, which we will also explain later.

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