“Ignore the label of the disease” is the primary concept we use to bear in mind, and it is also one of the secrets to the success of self-healing we advocate. A person with an understanding of this concept will not bluntly ask questions like “What shall I do to heal ××× disease?” Instead, they will systematically practice our methods, and not just focus on a particular method or region of our body, or healing a particular disease. To be healthy, our entire body needs to be holistically, and complete healthy.

Regardless of what disease a person has, ignoring its name is the first step. A disease name is just the tip of an iceberg; there are likely other, more severe underlying diseases that doctors and patients themselves are unaware of. Disease names are only labels affixed in modern medicine using existing measures based on known pathological indicators and statistics, yet these labels do not necessarily identify the actual cause. A set of symptoms, or a disease with a particular name, may have different contributing causes. Dispensing prescriptions based solely on a disease name with no regard to its cause(s) may worsen the condition.

Therefore disease names can be very misleading. Here, we will use two very common ones—diabetes and hypertension—to exemplify our point.

Diabetes is misleading due to the focus on blood glucose levels. Your doctor tells you that you are diabetic and should take hypoglycemic drugs, and if your blood sugar is not under control, it can easily lead to heart problems, or even glaucoma (an eye disease) in severe cases. This is the kind of knowledge currently taught in medical schools.

However, it has turned the causality upside down. By practicing our methods, you will quickly discover that you already have heart problems, as well as you will feel pain at the root of the thighs and the back of the knees, which indicates that the Liver, Spleen, Kidney, and Urinary Bladder meridians are all blocked, i.e., the corresponding organs all have problems. Problems with these organs are the real causes of diabetes.

Further investigation reveals that all diabetics suffer from emotional disorders to varying degrees, such as tension, anxiety, and depression. Such emotional turmoil leads to endocrine disorders. Most teenage students are stressed out before sitting for a major exam, thus suffering from endocrine disorders and exhibiting abnormal blood glucose levels.

In short, diabetes is caused by endocrine disorders, which are related to the Heart/mind, i.e., a condition due to emotional problems. When obsessed about money, power, social status, or children, people become tense and anxious, which can lead some people to eat and drink too much. This can cause the endocrine system to malfunction.

If hypoglycemic drugs are taken without taking into account these causes, further damage to the functions of the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas can occur.

According to Chinese medicine, the Liver meridian opens into the eyes. As long as the liver is functioning normally, the eyes will be healthy as well. Taking drugs or injecting insulin will damage the liver and lead to eye problems such as glaucoma and retinal detachment. Many diabetics take medicine as prescribed and end up with eye and internal organ problems. When the condition worsens, their feet will ulcerate and they can end up being amputated.

To cure diabetes, we must not be misled by its name, but should instead identify the real causes. Diabetics should first be happy and self-assured, and learn to let go through meditation; and practice our methods to unblock the Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians. When the internal organs are functioning well, the blood glucose level will return to normal.

Another example is hypertension. To doctors and patients of hypertension, it is natural that antihypertensive drugs be taken to control blood pressure. The relationship between blood pressure and the heart, liver, spleen, kidney and other organs are simply ignored. As a result, the drugs taken often damage the body’s many internal organs.

Almost all antihypertensive drugs are diuretics that can weaken the functions of the kidneys. This will lead to lower libido, a decline of sexual function, prostate disorders, and such urinary disorders as frequent and involuntary urination, etc. Secondly, weakened kidney function can lead to insomnia, tinnitus, hearing loss, hair loss, bone loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and a shortened lifespan. In addition, Western medicine is acidic, and the acidity can destroy the tissues of blood vessel walls, causing blood vessel ruptures that could lead to stroke and heart disease.

The cause and effects mentioned above are hard to grasp with only a knowledge of Western medicine; however, it is clearly stated in Chinese medical classic Huang Di Nei Jing that “the Kidney governs the bones; its health is shown in the hair; it opens into the ears; and it controls memory, the urinary and excretory functions, and governs natural lifespan.” Blood pressure will return to normal as long as the Heart, Liver, Spleen and Kidney meridians are cleared of blockages.

In effect, there is no definitive standard for “normal” blood pressure; it relates to a person’s age, physique, and many other factors. It changes from day to day, and fluctuates with the person’s mood and activities. Taking antihypertensive drugs inevitably induces more disorders, such as eye, liver, kidney, and stomach problems, and even more drugs will be needed to treat these new diseases. Many hypertensive patients die after years of medication, yet it is found that their deaths are not caused by high blood pressure. In this sense, the name “hypertension” is quite misleading.

We advocate “ignoring the disease name” in order to remind ourselves that there are many root causes behind one particularly labeled disease. The names “diabetes” and “hypertension” imply that there is an underlying group of other diseases, and this phenomenon is referred to as “Complex Diseases.” All diseases are complex diseases, i.e., a complex of many diseases.

A disease indicates the blockage of many meridians, and its causes are also varied. We should be cautious not to leave out any blocked meridian, or be misled by a particular indicator or disease name; instead, we should strive for holistic health enhancement. We should try to unblock all blocked meridians and not just one of them. In fact, the only real healing is holistic healing; targeting a particular disease or a part of the body and ignoring the whole always invites endless trouble. The methods we teach you should be practiced on all parts of the body in a “carpet bombing” manner so as to activate our internal rejuvenation to clear away all diseases in the body.

Enough for now. Please contemplate on it.

Team Pailala