Date: 2/28~3/4 & 8/16~22/2017

Venue: Enderong House @Pahang

Fee: RM3,700.00 each person

Includes accommodation (3 person each room), food (primarily vegetarian) and 3-day of fasting.

Participants will learn Paida Lajin DIY therapy as a way to maintain GOOD HEALTH – simple and yet powerful methods to SELF heal by activating your own immune system and DIY without relying on medicine, just natural self healing.

According to Huangdi Neijin, diseases are caused by blockage of meridians; clearing the meridians can therefore heal diseases.

Participants will learn and take part in zen jogging, meditation, fasting, waist swirling, hitting the wall, knowledge on the self healing therapy, Paida Lajin theory, practice and sharing of experience.

*Paida Lajin are promoted as self-healing methods and are not meant for, or substitute, medical treatment.

Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for any health issues*

Organiser: Yi Consultancy (Ms. Chuah)

Phone: +6 012 428 3265