February 16, 2017

On October 15, 2016, the seminar on the healing method Paida Lajin began in Cleeve House in southern England under the direction of Master Xiao. I had heard about PaidaLajin for the first time in my life about 10 days earlier, and I knew no one who had to do with it. Nevertheless, I was sure from the beginning that there was a medical revolution going on, and that I wanted to be there.

1. Knee and foot
I have had pain and movement restrictions for five months on the left knee and left foot after a fall in the mountains. On the first day two participants of the seminar slapped my legs and knees, and that gave this picture:
The complaints in the left knee had already been mostly gone the next day and I was able to squat. The foot situation improved a bit. Two weeks later, all the pain is gone after I knocked the knee and the foot three more times.

2. Constipation
I had also since one week before the seminar a dark brown spot on top of the left wrist with a diameter of about 8 mm. In the last few years I had had about five such spots, they developed spontaneously, looked unpleasant, I thought of skin cancer, but after about half a year they disappeared again. I have usually hidden these spots. Fortunately, my Sri Lankan roommate Kalinga noticed the spot and drew the others’ attention. So I slapped on the spot for two hours on Sunday evening, and on Monday morning it was gone. We all thought of this as a miracle cure. When I was back home, I got constipation. I looked at Master Xiao’s book, and he counsels, among other things, to slap the top of the hands, which I then also made quite energetically. After a short while, among other discolourations, to my surprise, a brown-black spot appeared, as I had known it for years and feared:

But now everything is different: the next day after the slapping the constipation was gone, the spot took a friendly pink color and disappeared after another three days:

After I knew the context, I understood, that the brownish-black spots mostly occured in southern countries like Egypt or India where I often suffered from constipation, and because there was so much sunshine, I had concluded: too much sunhine , Skin cancer. Thus, one can say, that the fear of skin cancer has also disappeared.

Udo Donau