Follow-up Report on People with Diabetes

Time:2014.10.30 10:10

Dear Master Xiao,

I cannot increase the weight and time yet, because I feel numb at my left front thigh all the time since early February 2014 when I reach this 10 kg and 8.5 kg up to now. When I start Lajin with my left leg down with 10 kg, for the first 3 minutes I feel painful, then OK. Starting 2 days ago, the pain is lesser. I wonder whether Mr. Ou from Taiwan and Mr. Zhu from Malaysia doing Lajin 50 minutes each leg with weight or not. Because at my condition with 24 minutes (10 kg and 8.5 kg), I have to struggle and must have a strong will. With controlling my diet, I can manage my fasting glucose between 4.5 – 6.0 without medication. Before Paida Lajin , my medication was 2 X 500 mg Metformin.

My fasting glucose level is satisfactory, mostly between 5 – 6, 3 – 4 times below 5 and 3 – 4 times above 6. I will make my testimonial for Diabetes after it stable and my thigh is recovered.

Here is a picture how I manage to put 8.5 kg at the top leg. It is almost impossible to put sandbag at the top leg

Around my left foot I put 1 kg sandbag, then with a string I tighten 2 X 3.75 kg weight, then when I straighten my left leg, the weight raised about 5 – 10 cm above the ground. It’s 8.5 kg in total.

There are already 12 people among my friends in Perth doing Paida Lajin and most of them have already feel the benefit. My friend, female 59 years old, 2 months ago got light stroke. Her cholesterol level for years always between 6.5-7.5 and on medication and her blood pressure always above 90 – 135. After doing Lajin and Paida for 1 month, her cholesterol became 3.5 and her blood pressure 70 – 118, even her doctor also surprised.

And I already made 4 Lajin Bench from wood.