Self-cured diabetes through lajin and paida

Time:2017.05.07 22:49

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Between 3 and 9 December 2011, PaiLaPai hosted the first PaiLa self-healing workshop in Guangzhou. Mr. Yang from Macau attended this camp. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000. In 2007 he blacked out while driving. After the incident, he began taking Acarbose, one pill three times a day. Three months later he lost lots of weight. At the height of 1.82 meters, he was only 57 kg. Then he started taking insulin injections, 12 units (later increased to 20 units) a time and three times a day. A year later,the whole area of Mr. Yang’s belly festered. Therefore, he decided to cease taking the pills and insulin injections and alternatively use Chinese medical and health preserving methods such as dietary therapy, physical exercise and foot bath etc to control blood sugar (which was measured as 8.9 on an empty stomach upon attending the camp). However, his decision was not agreed by his family or boss. His boss even declared to fire him if he did not take the pills and requested him to show the pills for supervising purpose. After reading the book , Mr. Yang began lajin and paid and hence he cured arthritis of the neck and lumbar illness. Even so, his family and relatives viewed him as “a fool” and did not speak to him. This pushed Mr. Yang to take a step further, i.e. to get away and attend the experiential camp in Guangzhou. As a result, his blood sugar gradually decreased to a normal level. The worldwide recognised difficulty was instantly solved through paida and lajin.

I am Yang, male, 50, from Macau. Learning when I was little that having cold shower could heal nose disease, I had had cold showers from aged 13 until 30. I stopped to have warm shower since physically I could not stand it any more. Working in Macau, I formed a daily routine from aged 32 in terms of eating too much fish and meat, sleeping at day time and going to leisure at night. By the time I was 36, I had developed the arthritis of the neck and lumbar disease. I had seen many doctors and taken many medicines, but the diseases were not cured. I also tried Chinese medical treatments such as acupuncture and skin scraping. In 2000, benefiting from a newly bought medical insurance, I checked in at a hospital in the city of Zhongshan and stayed as an inpatient for three months. During this time, the chief doctor told me that I had Type II diabetes. Since he did not clarify the seriousness of diabetes, I was not concerned about it. After leaving the hospital, I continued my daily routine. In 2007, on the Christmas Eve, I blacked out while driving. After being taken to the hospital and undertaking examination, I was told to be in low blood pressure and prescribed a pile of medicine for unblocking blood vessels. Instead of taking the medicine, I went to see a well known doctor in the city of Zhuhai. The result of the examination was that my diabetes was very serious. It was a wake-up call to me. Based on a friend’s suggestion, I began taking ginseng powder which cost 80,000 Hong Kong dollars. Restrained economically, I switched to take western medicine, i.e. Acarbose. In three months, I lost weight rapidly. The doctor advised me to have insulin injection, 12 units each time to start with and increased to 20 units later. As this caused the flesh of the whole belly to fester, I ceased the injections. From 2009, I began reading books about health preservation, took dietary therapy, stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, went to bed early, had foot bath with hot water at night, did physical exercises in the morning, and changed entirely all my previous living habits. One day I found the book in a bookstore and began lajin when I got home. One year later, I felt my physical conditions had improved considerably. The diseases with the neck and lumba were cured. I stopped taking western medicine. In 2011 during the Spring Festival, I browsed the internet and found paid. Halfway through watching the video, I began slapping myself. I continued slapping for three hours. The whole body was full of black Sha. Since then, I paida-ed every week, yet the effect was not as good as stated online. Thus, I decided to attend the PaiLa self-healing workshop in Guangzhou.

Before attending the camp, I measured my blood sugar, i.e. 8.9 with an empty stomach. On the second day after checking in the camp, my blood sugar was 7.5. In the camp, I lajin-ed with three sandbags tied to a leg and the fourth placed on the top of the foot. It was entirely different from the lajin I did at home. At home, I lajin-ed by placing a tea table next to a door frame, which did not give effect as quickly as by using a lajin bench. Paida was carried out with the instruction of coaches. Thus every meridian was able to be slapped thoroughly. By the third day, my blood sugar reduced to 6.7; the fourth day, 6.5; the fifth day, 6.0, which turned to normal level.

Besides, there were many other physical improvements. I used to wee three times a night, which woke me up in terms of dreaming desperately looking for the loo. After wee, I got sore and aching at the two kidney parts. For two years there was always snow-white moss on my tongue. I was 1.82 m tall but only weighed 57 kg, feeling weak in my hands and feet, tired, dry mouthed and thirsty, and continually urinating. From the third day in the camp, the coating on my tongue turned rosy, urination at night reduced to once, and the soreness and ache at the kidney parts were gone. Although waking up at 3am and staying awake afterwards, I still felt energetic. This was unlike at home when I woke up at midnight and could not go back to sleep, I felt miserable and dispirited the next day. The peri-shoulder inflammation, with soreness and pain, that first began in 1993, definitely turned for the better.

Jogging daily also brought me a new experience. I was late on the first day and hence missed the point. On the second day, I followed Coach Chen’s instruction and focused on doing well every step. I finally realised and appreciated the work of each step – vibrating the internal five yin and six yang organs – and it felt like enjoying a massage. The more jogging, the more I became energetic. This was the first time for me to go jogging in decades, as I had suffered from chronic nose disease and had been put off by a running nose when breathing cold air. It was very cold and windy when I was jogging at 6.30am in the sixth morning. But I didn’t have a runny nose. Great! Feeling pleased, I recalled a poem written for me by a friend:

In a deep winter falls the first snow,

For an enduring life leave strings of footprints.

Indeed, my life enters a new stage. Although there is no curable medicine yet, there is a curable regime! I am not overexcited by the reduction of my blood sugar, since it is the natural effect of my choice of the PaiLa self-healing regime. Diabetes is not a universal difficult problem at all and can be effectively and instantly cured by these lajin and paida.

I have not written a text for a long time. I recall that ever since having a mobile phone, I have not written a long text like this. Please forgive me for being unable to use beautiful and moving adjectives. It expresses my genuine gratitude. My gratitude to Mr. Xiao Hongci for his great compassion. Many thanks to all the coaches for their hardworking efforts. Returning to Macau, I will promote this method and try my best to wake up the sense of large quantities of ordinary people who have been poisoned by western medicines.

Mr. Yang

At the night of 8 December 2011