Astigmatism and Diabetes Improved at the Workshop

Time:2016.12.27 23:55

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I joined this workshop to learn proper paida as I only do lajin at home.

In Feb of 2013, I did lajin at home because of high blood pressure 180/90. Midardis Plus 80, Adalat 60 and Noten. Since I did lajin I got rid of 2 tables. Now I take only Micardis. Blood pressure was 155/66 before I joined the workshop. My aim is to get rid of the last medicine. On 27/9/13 (1st day of workshop) blood pressure was 150/80 and now is 135/70 on 3/10/13 (last day of workshop).

I have Type II diabetes, controlled by diet and exercise. The blood sugar was 6.7 after meal (on 27/9/13). On 3/10/13, last day of the programme, the reading was 5.3 before meal.

First time lajin at home, my left ear became unblocked and I can hear very well. I had this problem for a long while and ear drops did not clear it up.

My greatest improvement was on the 4th day of this workshop. My eyesight improved after instructor Huang Xiao Hua and Linda paida my head. I can now see from afar, without having to wear spectacles. A heartfelt thanks to you both.

My astigmatism has improved greatly. Before paida, the astigmatism cause problem during night driving. Now the glow of the light is only a small circle round the light.Skin colour and texture has improved. I have a healthy shine on the skin and the colour has become lighter.I can now do a full squat, with feet closed together; before I was only able to do the squat lajin, placing feet apart.Flexibility improved, now I stand up straight and can place both palms flat on the floor. Before I can only have my fingertip reach the floor.

I am grateful to the organizers, Ms. Chuah and all the instructors, who gave their time and efforts in making this workshop a success.

Thanks to Master Xiao, whose wisdom and generosity gave to the people all over the world, a precious gift of health, through paida and lajin that is safe and effective.

Jenny Hooi, Female, Age 65, From Australia (Australian)

3 Oct 2013

Ms. Chuah

Paidaand Lajin Promoter & Workshop Organiser in Malaysia

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