Hypertension more than 25yrs with dangerous periodic spikes (last episode, 227/127)

After PL for one month I discovered that right carotid artery felt like a hard rope.

After one session of paida over the artery the diameter increased and the walls became very soft.

After practicing paidalajin for 7 months and had yet to have sha surface on my inner right elbow.  Then, quite suddenly, I experienced 2 episodes, 1 1/2 weeks apart, that presented themselves similar to a stroke…. numbness of upper left lip ascending to right eyebrow, slurred speech and a numbing of thumb and first two fingers of left hand. (Interestingly, these are the same three digits that are still numb on my right hand from a previous accident.)

Both incidents were resolved with vigorous, simultaneous and lengthy PL.  What surfaced on my inner right elbow is shown in the picture.  It has now been 3 weeks and no further incidents along these lines.

Then after intermittent paida, 75% of it’s palpable length has returned to normal size and blood pressure, while not perfect is now tolerable.

I am very grateful to all who have contributed to bringing PL to the surface.

Kathy Keymann