The Sha disappeared! Amazing. Fearfully and Wonderfully made, I am!

Hello Master Xiao y Sir Hwong,

I am absolutely amazed by Paida and Lajin. God truly is amazing when he said we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I did paida on all 8 main areas on my first day. Not much sha appeared on the right side of my body, but the left side was pretty heavy sha in the elbow and knee area, only a few dots around my left ankle, nothing on the right ankle. Like a rookie, I was amazed at the appearance of all the bruises (sha), I stopped the paida after about 30 minutes on each area. It was a long day of paida for my first time.

Day 2, I did paida on the 8 main areas where there was no sha exposed. More revealed itself where it didn’t on the first day. My husband was against the paida, because it is loud and causes so much bruising. He questioned its usefulness. Then I got educated after reading Master Xiao’s book… realizing when the sha appears, to continue doing paida on that area until the sha disappears, then the sha cycle is complete.

I did not know this, so today, my knees are very exposed with sha all over, but I focused on the baseball sized sha area that appeared on day 2, on my right inner elbow. I told my husband that if paida is real and I do paida on the inner elbow area until the sha disappears, I will know for myself, that this is a true gift of God for every living person to heal themselves.

At 47 minutes, the area began to lighten, almost like normal skin colored dots about the size of peas, coming and going until the whole area began to lighten, and lighten until the sha was gone. It was about an hour and 15 minutes of paida on a day old sha. It is now a light pink where the sha use to be.

I’m looking forward to working on my knees next. My husband is pondering what he has witnessed, maybe he won’t be so against it now that I don’t have to walk around looking like he beat me. heehee. Thank you Master Xiao and your team of supporting help for making this a reality for so many. And more importantly, giving God the credit for paida and lajin. We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made. I look forward to the next 4 months of learning all of your wisdom so I can be a team player also and hold workshops in the area where I live, to help those who need paida and lajin.

I cannot express the gratitude and love I have for you because you went out into the world with love to help others.

May you be blessed many times over for your sacrificial giving to a world who doesn’t always show gratitude and thanks to such a free gift from God as this.

Have a beautiful life and I hope to meet you someday, just to give you a hug. I hope you know your impact on this earth.

Mrs. Donna Anderson

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  1. I wanted to leave an update of my paida and lajin experiences this past two weeks since my first post. The sha has been minimal on the main 8 areas, so I moved onto the shoulders and thighs and calves to see what my body would reveal. Something new appeared that I am calling my “hot spots”. As I spent many hours slapping the areas in between the 8 main areas, A nice pink/red was coming to the surface of my skin and would almost seem as if it was following my hand movements like a wave, even though my hand didn’t actually touch the area about half an inch away from my hand. The initial area I began to slap took some time to turn pink/red, but as I moved along it only took 2-3 slaps in an area for it to turn pink/red. It literally looked like the beginning of a sunburn, when you know it is time to get out of the sun. Accept for the top of my right upper top of my arm, the pink/red became a darker red, so I continued to paida the area. It did not get darker, but it also did not disappear, it is about 2 inches in diameter. The other interesting thing that happened, when I did paida on my groin area at the top of my thighs, sha came up a lot, but it came to the surface like splattered paint from a brush very interesting. I continued to paida and it disappeared like the others. Note to self. It is very important to lajin if you are going to paida for hours. This last week I did not lajin before I did paida that day and it was the first time I felt stiff and soar the next day. I need to remember to paida and lajin together on thye same day. I now love the stimulation it gives my skin when I paida all over with “carpet bombing” all of my skin just to the pink/red point. When I pat my skin, if I feel a soar area, I zone in and see if any sha will come to the surface within 15 minutes, if not, I move on to the next sore spot. I really love that I have been introduced to paida and lajin. It will be in my health toolbox for life. Thank you again Master Xiao and Sir Hwong.
    Mrs. Anderson

  2. Thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony.
    I am a new to paidalajin and yesterday and am experiencing crisis with headache and diarrhea.
    Will keep on with paidalajin.

    1. Yes, “healing crisis” are hidden and potential diseases triggered by the PaidaLajin practice. We should never be fearful of them. After all, they are a natural response from our body and from medication or any other foreign elements. I am glad that you have studied and understood the term “healing crisis”.

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