Hi ,i am Paul from Africa I vory coast

I had a car accident and  had a broken pelvis. When the bone was consolidated I had trouble standing up. The doctors advised me to see a physiotherapist for re-education. The bill for my rehabilitation was two thousand dollars. I had pains everywhere and I could not lift legs.

I discovered payalajin surfing on google.I decided to really learn this technique and today am able to stand up and walk and even without crutches.I slapped myself at least three thousand times a day from head to toe. Paidalajin gave tone to my body.I feel refreshed and fit. Hair has grown. Baldness has disappeared and I have even rejuvenated. Today around me, I make known this powerful and simple technique to my surroundings.

I even used this technique to cure a 42-year-old woman who was suffering from heart failure. I read the books of the master and watched a lot of  videos and subscribed on pailala.org. I even go up.

She is happy today. really healed and  called me today on 09/03/2018 around 2 pm to say thank you because she had spent too much in clinic. I prepare myself financially to attend a workshop with the master Hongchi xiao.

I thank  the master personally and  would like to fully learn and implement this knowledge in my country.